#Maxx50Challenge: How To Get That Killer Office Space At TJMAXX For $50

Jun 27, 2018

#Maxx50Challenge: How To Get That Killer Office Space At TJMAXX For $50

*This post is Sponsored by TJMaxx but all opinions are my own*

I recently had the opportunity to team up with TJMaxx for their #Maxx50Challenge and it was probably one of the best experiences of my blogging career. If you follow me on Instagram you know how much I love TJMaxx. So when they reached out to me in an email my heart fluttered! They mentioned that they admired my style and savvy ways of shopping their stores and would love to see what I can discover! That made me feel so good. 

If you follow TJMaxx on instagram they collaborate with influencers quite often in this thing called the #Maxx50Challenge where you shop their store or online store with a $50 card. The challenge is are you capable of shopping their store with only $50 in your name???

I focused on Office Decor in my challenge and let me tell can be a bit intimidating trying to decorate your office with only $50 to your name but I do this ALL THE TIME! Knowing the basics of decorating will keep you focused on your goals. 

How To Get That Killer Office Space At TJMAXX For $50 

Decorating your space does not have to be overwhelming, not expensive. TJMAXX has a great variety of accent pieces that are well within the budget of $50. 

  • Bring the outdoors in! The best way to instantly add life, texture, color and personality to the space is with plants. What I love about TJMAXX is that they have a great selection of plants that you can add to your space as an accent. And also they carry real succulents that are very low maintenance and affordable. 


  • Your sense of smell can trigger emotions, unlike any other sense. What we smell has the ability to bring on stress or it can instantly relax us. There are several ways you can add some freshness to your space. You can burn a delicious candle, you can spritz the room with a freshener, you can add those wall plugins into your space, or you can invest in an essential oil diffuser. I have a diffuser already but because I was on a budget I chose a candle. Which is a wonderful way to clear your space from a bad day or a negative interaction.
  • This Lavender scented candle was $7.99
  • This Essential Oil Kit was $19.99 ( I did not buy this with the $50 Giftcard) 
This is how I included the candle into my space. Lavender is very calming. 

Add Some Comfort

When personalizing your office space on a budget and a little goes a long way. A Rug, light, throw or even accent pillow can really transform a space and create the ambiance you're looking for. The office is an extension of your home and although it needs to function as an office you want it to be comfortable and a space that you enjoy being in because this is a place that you need to get things done. Adding personal touches to your space really makes a difference even if it may seem small.  

  • The manager gave me an awesome discount on this pink throw for $16.00 I love throws because I get cold easily. 
  • Accent Pillow was $12.99

Organize with Style

Keeping the clutter in check keeps the office functional and organized. Choose organizational supplies that exhibit the style of your space. You can find inexpensive storage options inside TJMAXX.

These wood storage boxes are $5.99


 My total before tax was $46.97 and with Tax, it was $50.85. I paid .85 out of picket and the $50 on the gift card. I think I still did a pretty good job! 

I did buy my father some new under shirts for $9.99. That's all the man wanted for Father's Day.  Overall it is definitely possible to buy what you need for only $50 and TJMAXX is the place to do it at!

Check out my takeover HERE

I'd like to thank TJMaxx for this opportunity! I really had a wonderful time and hope to get the opportunity to do this again!

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