How Yoni Therapy Gave Me Full Control Over My Life

Oct 3, 2018

How Yoni Therapy Gave Me Full Control Over My Life

Yoni Therapy also known as vaginal therapy was a topic that was uncomfortable for me to talk about for multiple reasons. But as you know for over a month I've been talking about yoni health and the power of it when you take care of it. 

*This post is in partnership with Essentially True. All thoughts and experiences are my own. 

So back to my story and I promise I'll keep it short. (MAYBE LOL). So at the beginning of this post, I mentioned that this topic was hard for me to talk about for a couple of reasons...

  1. Well, It was embarrassing and I thought I was the only one going through what I was going through
  2. Well being the daughter of a pastor and with the strong upbringing I had, I guess I thought it would be taboo to talk on this subject because I never heard anyone around me talk about Yoni/Vaginal Health or the things women go through. So I guess I thought that it wasn't normal to talk about or it was a sin to talk about.
But I'm guessing no one talked about it because this topic was always private. If there were ever an issue what the women did was just go to the doctor. And there wasn't much of a need to talk about it. But times have changed. In the world of technology, information is readily available to us and now people seek more for information and now people are discussing this topic because women's health is really important to talk about and we shouldn't feel awkward  in discussing these things because every woman at one time in their life has had questions about and possibly experienced certain things such as BV, UTI and more. It's not a disease, it's not a curse. Well, it may be a curse that Adam & Eve started but we won't get into all of that. My point is that I'm not alone and you're not alone. There is a way to cure this and I'm going to be talking about this. But first, let me share my story...

I've suffered from chronic reoccurring Yeast Infections and UTI. To give you around estimate I may have gotten UTI's 1-2 times a year and as I've gotten older my yeast infections increased. I mean I can't even give you a round estimate because I felt that it was a part of my life. I just couldn't shake it off. From as far as I can remember I think I started having issues when I started going to college and it was scary because I didn't know what was wrong with me and why these things were continuously happening to me. I didn't do anything for it to happen. I wasn't sexually active. So what was going on??? That was my question. And the scariest thing for me was to tell my parents because I didn't know what it was, neither did I know how to describe it or what to expect when I told them. And remember guys I was in college. I thought there was a curse over my life. Eventually, I did tell my mother because it was torture. So we went to the doctor and they prescribed me with (roll eyes) "Antibiotics". I guess this was "THE CURE" back then. I don't know but they never said why I was having these issues. No explanation just a prescription and out the door I go. 

So over the years it increasingly has gotten worse and it was so embarrassing to the point I didn't want to be around anyone because of the discomfort I had with the itching and the unbearable scent, the inflammation. No bath, could get rid of the scent or soothe the inflammation and itching I would get from it. It was torture. It got to the point where 2-3 years ago I started looking into alternatives because it was really affecting my life overall. Because when I start missing church it's time to make a change.  Mind you...your girl is 33 now. I got tired of being prescribed with antibiotics, with no explanation. of why this was happening. I was tired of the creams that didn't work and the over the counter pills that didn't work. I was tired of not knowing. No one would or could explain to me what was going on. And I got weary. So I started doing my own research. I knew that it had to be something out there to help me with what I was going through. I knew I couldn't have been the only one going through what I was going through. And when I googled I seen so many stories about women that were going through what I was going through. And that's when I ran into a topic on Yoni Health! 

I was like WTHECK is "Yoni"??? It made me want to dig deeper into this topic and I was amazed at the different things that women did to care for their yoni and was like GEESH this has been going on for centuries!!?? More women need to know about this! Why haven't I heard about this??? Why don't the women in my church know this? And if they do know how come they holding back information? Honestly, the women in my church didn't know because if they did I wouldn't have been walking around the way I was for so long. 

So as you know, for over a month now I've done a series on Yoni Health and ladies if you're new to this topic I want to share some past posts that you should definitely check out. 

Ok, so back to the story...Earlier this year after learning about the yoni I knew I wanted to talk about it on my blog but at the time didn't know how to approach it. And some months ago, I was reached out to by Essentially True. Essentially true is a Beauty & Feminine Health company that was birthed by Aressia. I'm so excited to be doing an interview with her because I wanted to learn more about this woman also known as the "YONI WHISPER". She's very active on Instagram so be sure to follow her page. 

I was sent a beautiful package of feminine goodness that you all already know about because I shared on social media and on here. I've had the chance to thoroughly use everything that I was sent so I'm able to share my experience. Life-Changing is probably an over-used word but let me tell you something... When you have had BV for years and there was nothing that helped you, this brand was literally God sent for women around the world. So I was sent...

🌿 3 Packs of Yoni Steam $45
🌿 4oz Uplift Yoni Spray $15 
🌿 4oz Yoni Oil $30 (The 4oz Yoni Oil is no longer available for purchase. The only option you will have is the 2oz. But remember a little goes a very long way!)

These products are made by hand from scratch with a lot of love. So yes everything is organic and cruelty-free.

Here are my thoughts and breakdown of each product.


Essentially True Yoni Oil is packed with amazing herbs and essential oil blends and is one of the top-selling products on the online boutique store.  There is a reason why though... Not only does it help in prevention but it naturally heals and restores vaginal balance. The pH Balance is important because when there is an imbalance, bad bacteria can grow and we can develop irritations, odor, inflammation, and infections,  such as BV (Bacterial Vaginosis), which is the most common vaginal infection for women and there are women that suffer from endometriosis which is an inflammatory disease and so much more. So the PH Balance is an important factor when it comes to vaginal health. And I can attest to all of this because as I said above, I suffered from reoccurring BV and this product has been a lifesaver. Normally around my menstrual cycle which is when the hormones increase... I noticed that my vaginal flora would become very sensitive and that's when I would experience the itching, burning, inflammation and all of the things that come with BV.  I started using the yoni balancing oil and noticed immediately the relief I would get. And now I use it more for a preventative care and have noticed that I have not had any major issues. And it also promotes freshness because as I mentioned when you suffer from BV you will notice not only a strange discharge but almost a fish-like or fungus scent that is not pleasant. I've also noticed that I've been very lubricated down there. 
*Quick Tip: When needed I would apply this oil on an organic tampon and insert it in and apply a little on the outside of the vagina and vulva area. After 1-2 hours I would remove and toss. 
Because this yoni oil is natural it can also be used all over the body, it can help in healing acne/acne scarring, it gets rid of hair bumps and discoloration and much more. 

The yoni oil that I have is the 4oz bottle and is now discontinued but the 2oz and 1oz bottle are available for purchase and little goes a long way. 

Purchase at this link:


The Uplift Yoni Spray is an organic Feminine Hygiene Spray that freshens and clears odor fast. It's natural and gentle and formulated to be used in your most sacred area. It helps to maintain a healthy pH balance, supports the natural acidity and helps to prevent infections from yeast or bacteria. I've also used this product as a step in my skincare routine. It is a great skin toner, makeup misting spray and a great underarm spray.  I've also used it on my scalp to treat my hair while wearing wigs. 


Aloe Vera Juice - Aloe Vera is a rich source of antioxidant and vitamins and is great in treating skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis and more. Aloe Vera is our source of protection and is hydrating for the skin. 
Lavender Water - is a great source for acne prevention. It is ant-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. 
Jasmine Water - jasmine is a natural oil that won't clog the skin. It hydrates providing natural moisture to treat dry skin and it evens the skin tone. 
Witch Hazel - Is known for treating problematic skin such as acne. It helps in reducing inflammation, it helps treats bacteria and helps in healing scars, scabs, and infections. 

*Quick Tip: When using as a facial mist I have a smaller spray bottle that I purchased from Target from the travel section and I poured some of my uplift yoni spray in it and added a couple drops of lavender essential oil and tea tree oil to treat the skin on my face and my scalp. The uplift spray can work alone but I like to kick it up a notch. 

With using this product it has maintained the freshness and in combination with the yoni steam (which I'll be talking about next) and yoni oil it has helped in maintaining the pH balance and has helped clear the irritations. I treat that area like I do the skin on my face. I only use the best and only use natural products. 

Purchase this product here:

Essentially True - Yoni Steam

The foundation of yoni health I feel is the yoni steam kit. In this kit, I received 3 yoni packs that retail for $45 but if you're wanting to test it out you can just get 1 pack that retail for $15. Ok, I mentioned that to me this yoni kit is the foundation and what started it all for me. I have noticed a TREMENDOUS change in my menstrual cycle and how I feel before, during and post my cycle. I've also noticed a shift in my infections that I was having. First, menstrual cycles would originally range from 3-4 days. Most times it would start vacating the house on the 3rd day and then on the 4th day I would have the little minor clean up. My menstrual cycle has now extended to 5 days. I know you're probably thinking...What's good about that??? LOL well, remember that our cycle is our purification or detox phase and the fact that we have it is a blessing. Despite the cramps, migraines, and pain that we may have to endure, the benefits far outweigh those things that we suffer through. 

- Having a cycle helps in warning us about future diseases

- The menstrual blood’s color, length, and odor can offer hints of our medical conditio

When you don't have a menstrual cycle it's an obvious sign that you have either a heart disease, diabetes or other reproductive health-related problems. So that's why it's a blessing to be a woman because with us we can spot things faster if we pay attention.  

And this is where the topic of yoni steaming comes in. Although not cleared by FDA so many women have made claims of how yoni steaming has regulated their cycles and have basically changed their lives. Many of these women didn't even have cycles. They had to take hormone pills to regulate it. But just because it's not cleared by the FDA doesn't mean it doesn't work! Also, women have reported that yoni steaming has helped and possibly cured them of endometriosis, fibroid tumors, cysts and more...These are testimonials!

As for me, as I said earlier I suffered from Chronic Bacterial Vaginosis. It was literally torture for me. When I first did my yoni steam I felt I was releasing all of the pain that I was going through. It was liberating, to say the least. I didn't start to notice a difference until my second steam and that's when I recognized that my period was extended and not only that but it also shifted the time that my cycle would come in. So normally my cycle would come around mid-month but now it comes at the end going into the beginning of the month. I also noticed a difference in how I felt before my cycle, during my cycle and post my cycle. I've never had cramps so I can't speak for that but I would have migraine headaches that were unbearable! I also would feel groggy but after that second steam, I noticed a major difference in how I felt. My headaches weren't as painful nor did they last throughout the duration of my cycle. Also, I noticed that my Yeast Infections would be minimal to non-existent. I haven't had any relapse or discomfort from BV since I've started using Essentially True. I feel free because I am free. And also keep in mind that our diet also plays a huge roll in how our yoni feel. A healthy diet with self-care will promote a healthy yoni! 

Yoni steaming has so many benefits you have to check it out! It's UNBELIEVABLE! I did a whole post about it that you should check out >>> Self Care: Yoni Steaming

Purchase Your Yoni Steam Here:

Overall I would recommend this product and also would recommend looking into alternatives and talk to a doctor that also specializes in holistic alternatives. 

For more information about these awesome products be sure to check out

Get 15% Off using my Code "FAITH1"

Check out the Interview >>> Interview With Essentially True Founder Aressia

Keep it Natural Keep it pHresh!

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