Interview With Essentially True Founder Aressia

Oct 3, 2018

Interview With Essentially True Founder Aressia

I am so excited to present this interview to you all! I've had the pleasure to collaborate with this beautiful woman and now today I am presenting this exclusive interview with the Yoni Whisperer herself Aressia - Founder of Essentially True! She also has a bonus for you but you have to read through the interview to get it. 

Can you please tell us about yourself and your profession? 
My name is Aressia. I'm a mother to a great daughter and a grandma to a big baby of a dog. I'm a business owner who wears so many hats! Plus, I work a full-time job in billing and finance.

How did you get the name Yoni Whisper?
A close friend actually gave me this name. I was offering her advance and she said, "You are like a dog whisper, but for yonis!" I hollered and it's stuck since then.

What inspired you to start this company? 
My own need is what inspired the company. I went to the doctor because of a strange odor. I didn't know what could be wrong since I wasn't sexually active and I hadn't changed any of my hygiene practices. After testing everything returned negative, not even a yeast infection. Before walking out of the room the doctor turned and said, "Maybe this is just the way you smell now." Like, what!!!

I left really upset, thinking what good are doctors if they can't diagnose something so simple. Then to say well this is your new normal, especially being taught since childhood if something smells funny it's off.

So I went through several DIY remedies looking to cure the mysterious odor and discharge, which didn't work, over the next couple of years. In my search I came across a few Instagram pages, @nerissnefeteri begin a big help, of women discussing natural vaginal health. As I continued studying I read how oils and herbs can heal, and from my experience and other women's testimonies quite quickly.
So there are a plethora of companies out there now that sell yoni steam packs and more. What makes your company unique? 
What makes me unique is I care. I really listen and ask each client what are you trying to achieve with my products. I take certifications to obtain additional knowledge, I even began a Certified Yoni Steaming Facilitator. 

In addition, all my products are made by me start to finish. If I could I would grow the herbs too lol! So instead I find suppliers who sell organic or wildcrafted herbs.
Outside of all this, I strive to teach women to love themselves and take control of their health. Just because your doctor says this is good for you or even me, doesn't mean it's true. Health advance, in my opinion, should be a starting point of your own research to weigh the risk and benefits of treatment.
" Health advance, in my opinion, should be a starting point of your own research to weigh the risk and benefits of treatment. "
With all the misinformation out there and more and more companies popping up what should people like myself look for when searching for a company like yours?
I think yoni steaming is the new brow micro-blading! Last year everywhere I turned there was a new class and techs offering the service. Now I rarely hear of it. I believe it's how yoni steaming will be. Those that really love helping women and enjoy teaching natural health will be open many years.

When looking for a reputable business is how does the business contact treat you, is there a connection? 
Are they providing detailed answers, do they make sure you understand the info or are they simply hyping up the product results. Get some background on how they started the company, if possible.

I didn't know anything about the term "yoni" a year ago. I just learned of it this year. Why do you think that this topic is so taboo to discuss?
Yoni, of course, means vagina but it's the essence of a woman. The area which regulates her body, her creativity, and center for bringing forth life.
I think the main reason the topic is taboo is because we automatically associated our vaginas with sex, even at a young age. Many mothers have asked me about yoni steaming for teenagers who aren't sexually active. So I switch the conversation from sex to self-care. I go into detail how yoni steaming teaches women how to appreciate their bodies and care for the overall health, not just sexual health. Once we are able to separate sex from our vaginas women's health will no longer be taboo.

" Once we are able to separate sex from our vaginas women's health will no longer be taboo. "

Yoni-Steaming is something that you talk about a lot and your company is rooted of course around yoni health. I know that this has been a popular topic. I don't know when people started getting hyped about it but why do you think there is so much negativity around yoni steaming and using alternative methods to heal? Mainly from the doctors?
A couple a weeks ago I invited a special guest who is a pharmacist to a joint Instagram Live and I asked the same question. She explained doctors are not taught about herbal medicine and in addition, they can't offer medical advice for treatments not approved by the FDA. The alternative she suggested was to find health practitioners versed in herb/alternative medicine. She explained these practitioners also receive degree/certification in their field of choice. So look for this in when selecting an alternative doctor.  Remember no matter what type of doctor you choose, you pay the co-pay so get your money's worth. Ask plenty of questions and understand your treatment plan. 

" Remember no matter what type of doctor you choose, you pay the co-pay so get your money's worth. Ask plenty of questions and understand your treatment plan. "

So tell me and my readers because it's always said that our "yoni" is self-cleaning which is one of the things many doctors say and they believe that we're doing too much and doing this triggers issues. How true is that? What are your thoughts on that subject?
LOL! People love to say this! First, we have to understand our anatomy. The vulva, the external genitals, is the area which needs a gentle cleanser. The vagina, which is internal, does NOT need soap, douches, or any other cleaning agent. When these products are used internally the vaginal pH is changed causing bacteria overgrowth leading to yeast infections, UTI, odor and many more symptoms. 
  • Yoni steaming helps remove excessive mucus/discharge, increase healthy bacteria, and neutralize odor.
For ladies who are balanced yoni steaming still has many benefits...
  • It cleanses the stagnant blood, blood clots, calms cramps, helps with PMS symptom, and promotes relaxation. 
Sooo we aren't doing too much, we are taking care of our yonis!
Your company is constantly growing and you're constantly adding more and more products for women's health. One of your most recent adds were your feminine wash & the menstrual cup. What inspired you to add a menstrual cup to your online store.
I absolutely love menstrual cups! They are reusable hospital grade silicon and easily sterilized before each use. By switching to a cup the environment is saved from hundreds of sanitary products being placed in landfills. Plus, the initial cost of the cup is recuperated after about 3 months of use, because it's only purchased once. More importantly, most pads and tampons are made from recycled plastics and cotton. NASTY!! To make them white companies use bleach and the cotton has been in contact with numerous pesticides which had direct contact with your vagina. This is extremely harmful because the vagina is super absorbent which allows harmful chemicals direct access to your internal organs and blood.
What's not to be excited about!

What is your most sold product? If you could recommend anything from your store if someone new wanted to try something to get a feel for your brand and products what would it be?
The product I love to suggest is Essentially True Yoni Oil. It's great for pH balance, odor, frequent yeast infections. The real bonus is it can be used anywhere on the body, like for acne, facial moisturizer, or even bug bites. It's bottled liquid gold. If your readers are interested in trying this great oil, it can be purchased online at In addition, your readers can receive 15% off their purchase by using code FAITH1 at checkout.

What's next for Essentially True? Do you plan on doing workshops and expanding the company for retailers to sell your products or do you plan on keeping it more in-house? 
I'm glad you asked! I'm working on opening a yoni steaming studio in Houston. I'm moving quickly to have it up and running to accept appointments in October. Would you like to be my first customer?!

I'm always looking to work with retailers large and small. I actually received my first wholesale request in September from another black-owned business owner in Virginia. For all the ladies in the area follow @beautypopva for the grand opening announcement!

Where can my readers find you at for more information?
If you can't tell I'm very active on Instagram, @essentiallytrue, I go Live at least once a week. Outside of that I frequently update my stories and post.
You can also see me on Facebook, my page is Essentially True.
If readers, want more info on yoni steaming I have a free yoni steaming guide to answer common questions surrounding the practice. Here is a quick link to take a look

Well friends, there you have it! Wasn't this awesome???!!! You should check her out! And definitely give her products a try. Aressia said it and I'm just repeating what she said lol... You can recieve 15% using my promo code "Faith!". What's your hold up? Ain't nothing else working for you so it doesn't hurt to try a holistic alternative. I would highly suggest that you sign up for her Yoni Steaming Guide if you are new to yoni steaming because there are some do's and don'ts in there. And be sure to follow her on her social media especially Instagram because she's very active on there. 

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