Jan 1, 2019 | 2018 YEAR IN REVIEW

Well, we're here again! Happy New Year family. I've been reflecting on the past year and I thought it would be great to do my first year in review. This is my opportunity to not only share my wins but it's also a chance for me to keep it 100. I always do but I've never fully opened up to you all because I keep a level of my life private. Which I still will but I don't mind doing something different. I think a year in review at least for me allows me to reflect on the things that I need to do better and it makes me a lot more grateful because sometimes I can take things for granted and it just puts life in perspective when I reflect back on all the things that God has blessed me with. 

I had some great moments with my business in 2018 working with brands, branching out on my blog with home decor, food and gardening which also opened more doors but I won't deny it was still a hard year for me and I had many losses or I call them a loss but it may be a blessing in disguise. We shall see. I live in Houston so 2018 I already knew it would be interesting because of Hurricane Harvey which occurred in 2017. So 2018 was the year of recovery but it's the year that I set the most goals and accomplished many of them. 

Earlier in this post, I mentioned that this year was the first year I've actually written down my goals and followed through on them. I've done vision boards but it's not the same. I'm not goal writer or, New Year resolution type of person. I just have always been the type of person that went with the flow. But writing the vision and making it plain is not a bad thing. When you can see it you start to believe it. And that's exactly what happened to me in 2018. I worked with many brands. Neutrogena, Loreal, Sara Happ, The Makeup Show and so many more. 

My two favorite highlights of the year were the opportunity to collaborate with TJMaxx for the MAXX 50 Challenge where I took over TJMAXX Instagram stories for the day which was the best opportunity. I was a bit shocked when I received an email from them. 

I also collaborated with Gordmans which was another brand that I was excited about because I said before 2018 started that I wanted to incorporate more lifestyle posts on my blog. So this collaboration was that thing that would allow me to accomplish that goal. I also was featured on their website where 
I created my dream space for under $100

April was the month of blessings. Outside of the fact that I was born on this month my father received his blessing. The gift of a Kidney donation! Which was the best gift of all because watching my father go to dialysis constantly was really hard. I talked about it on the post of Why I Decided To Become An Organ Doner. The story behind how he received his blessing is a must read.

I took a look at my analytics on the backend of my site and I must say some of these I am a bit shocked by the amount of traffic I got. It definitely puts things into perspective or does it? Either you guys know what you like or I marketed a post more than the other? Who knows lol. 

1. Amazing Lash Studio Lashonista 2018 Recap made #1 because it received the most views. WTHECK lol? Do y'all really like event recaps? This was definitely a fun event to be a part of! I seen familiar faces and met new faces. 
2. 6 Brands That Are Giving Away Free Lipstick For National Lipstick Day Boy Oh boy lol. This was a shocker but a part of me was not surprised that this came in #2. I'll definitely be doing more of these. 
3. The Introduction To The Yoni | I was so glad that this made the list. This was a series that I did in collaboration with Essentially True and I wanted to do this series to educate my females and their partners on yoni health. Definitely check out the full series. This was one of my favorite posts of the year. 
4. Create Your Dream Space For $100 | Heeeeeyyyy so glad that this made the cut! Because this collaboration was on my top 2 list for this year. I had teamed up with Gordmans to bring you this post. 
5. Greyhound vs Megabus | As long as I've been riding both I thought it was the perfect time to share the tea. 
6. How To Get That Killer Office Space at TJMAXX For $50 | This was at the top of my list as one of my greatest accomplishments for 2018.
7. The Best Sunscreen For Your Face | This tied in with #6 but I knew this would make the cut because on Pinterest it's also considered one of my top post and it made cut as #2018BestNine so it looks like you guys actually love my skincare posts. 
8. Tarte Is Expanding Shade Ranges For It's Top Selling Products | I'm so glad that you all understand the need for diversity & inclusion. This was one of the best things Tarte could have done and I hope that they continue to expand their shade ranges and other brands follow suit. That's all I'm going to say and you can check out the post and the scandal that happened with Tarte. 
9. What's New In Beauty At Target | Target also did some expanding and collaborated with not only women entrepreneurs but women of color. This was an epic move in beauty at Target. 
10. Veil Cosmetics Automatte A Powderless Base That Cuts The Shine | This product is revolutionary for a reason! And I'm glad that I had a chance to try out this product and share the transformation. So I see you guys like innovative things. 

I don't all the way trust Instagrams algorithm because let's be real...IT SUCKS! But for the "analytics" I'm going to share the top 10 of Instagram based on the likes, comments, and impressions. 

1. | I don't rock my natural hair often. You may see it 1-3 times a year. 3 is really pushing it. 
2. | Some products I used to maintain my natural hair.
3. | My no makeup look for Valentine's Day.
4. | I hated that Instagram removed the feature that allowed you to build a collage of photos in the stories. But you all love my foodie tutorials. 
5. | A look into the Bright Lights Palette by Pinky Rose Cosmetics
6. | Happy Birthday To Me!
7. | The Best Sunscreens For Your Face. 
8. | My collaboration with Loreal
9. | Morning Breakfast Recipe

I thank God for the good and what some may describe as not so good. If it wasn't for these moments that I had in 2018 I would have totally thrown the whole year away. But I'm so grateful for the good and even the bad. I've had some major losses towards the end of this year but God told me that He wanted to give me something better but He had to remove some things from my life. As much as it hurts and trust I cried over and over again because I felt like I never had a chance to just breathe. But sometimes we're holding on to things that we think is good for us when a treasure is waiting on the other side. So I'm trusting God's process. I also want to say that I had many more moments that were dear to me but if I shared EVERY moment on here I would never finish this post. 2019 is about working smarter not harder. Happy New Year

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