Essentially True Natural Wellness Spa Is Now Open!

Feb 27, 2019

Essentially True Natural Wellness Spa Is Now Open!

A couple weeks back I had the pleasure to visit Essentially True, Health & Wellness Spa which by the way is now open to the public! If you remember last year around August to October I collaborated with this Health & Wellness brand bringing you a series that you would never forget! Or maybe you did forget lol (SHAME ON YOU!). Well let me refresh your memory on this series. We talked all about the health of our reproductive system also called the Yoni and how to care for it. If you would like to read up on it check it out! I shared my story and probably many other women stories that went through or currently going through what I went through. Some may call this Taboo! Especially for someone like myself who was born in a strict holiness background. But what's really taboo is not discussing about the things that we women go through in our bodies, the changes that many times we can't control or weren't caused by something we did but was caused by many other factors. I'm not about to preach but I will say that it's our responsibility to know what's going on in our bodies and to take control of these things. I prefer a more holistic approach but I do not force my beliefs on anyone. I share information that has worked for me and you can take it and do your own due diligence. Heck, go to a holistic doctor or regular doctor if you like.

Check out this series that I did with Essentially True Last Year!  

These posts are lengthy but they are very informative. And they will change your life and the way you take care of your body. And also keep in mind that my discount code is no longer active but stay tuned because I have some amazing news for you at the end. 

Welcome to Essentially True Natural Wellness Spa, Founded by Aressia 

Essentially True provides vegan, hand-crafted hygienic products that are centered around women's health. Essentially True not only offers a wide range of feminine products but now she offers a spa that you can come to and relax and heal from the inside out.

If you've ever been interested in trying yoni steaming but never tried it because of "Space" or whatever it may be, you are now invited to experience the next steam with Essentially True! For a limited time only Introductory Steams are only $25

The Drink Station

I know it can be daunting to have your punani exposed. But you aren't exposed at all! In fact, you are fully robed with the cutest robe ever! and you are wrapped with a cover to trap the heat in.

Even Jesus approves of this covering! I'm just saying you ain't naked. It's not that kind of party!

The Robe & Delicious Tea! 
Essentially True Natural Wellness Spa Robe

One of the things most worry the most about is if the stations are clean... I am very OCD so things like being sterile in an atmosphere like this are very important to me and I'm sure to so many other women.  The moment you walk into the headquarters of Essentially True Natural Wellness Spa, it is very sterile & clean. And very comfortable!

Also Essentially True is able to customize your steam based on your preference and needs. Based off of the client questionnaire that I did she created a concoction that would keep me wetter down there. You will be given a client profile which asks very detailed questions before your appointment. This is how your Aressia, is able to assess your needs and also know what not to use and what to use or if you are a right fit for yoni steam based on your answers. So the client questionnaire is an important step that you can not skip. 

I'm sure you may be asking why wouldn't it be a right fit? Well, there are many reasons why Yoni Steaming may not be a good fit for you. A couple popular reasons are, in situations where you may be either pregnant, have an IUD or you may have some medical allergy that may not make you a right fit for yoni steam. There are precautions that must be taken so questions will be asked to make sure you're not put in any situation that is dangerous. I talk a lot about these things in my series so be sure to check out my posts.

The Founder Of Essentially True, Aressia

So how do you book your first introductory appointment??? Book your appointment on her website. BOOK YOUR PRIVATE YONI STEAM

Remember the Introductory Yoni Steam is only $25. Take advantage and make it a girls pamper session, or this is a great birthday or overall gift for yourself and I guarantee you that you will notice a difference. And your husband will notice a difference *LOOKS TO THE SIDE*

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