How You Can Benefit From Ceramide In Your Skincare

Nov 24, 2019

How You Can Benefit From Ceramide In Your Skincare

Ceramides definitely don't get the praises that it deserves, It is one of the most underrated ingredients in skincare and it is the glue that holds the skin together. In fact, some may say its more powerful than retinol and y'all know that I love me some retinol and swear by it but I'm going to explain why. But first, you must know what ceramides are...

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Ceramides make up the skin's protective barrier. Its what helps keep the skin hydrated, plump and supple. Ceramides are fat molecules also known as lipids that retain water within the skin's natural barrier and work as the skin's natural moisturizer. Without ceramides, the skin can become compromised, dry, irritated, inflamed. 

Have you ever applied moisturizer but your skin is still dry & flaky? Well, that's because your skin lacks ceramide. 

Ceramides are a component of the skin's makeup. In fact, as a part of the skin's barrier layer, ceramide helps to protect the skin from exposure to environmental aggressors that ages the skin like pollution and dry air. 

So to break it down...How do ceramides work??? Remember in the beginning when I said that ceramides are the glue that holds the skin together??? Well, imagine the floor tiles. So the floor tiles would represent our skin cells and the grout that binds the skin cells together is the ceramide. Without a strong bind, the skin cells become weak.

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When the protective barrier of the skin is damaged & compromised it can allow the entry of bacteria causing inflammation, acne flareups, lack of water retention which means saggy skin, wrinkles, fine line only because the moisture is leaving the skin because the bind is not strong enough.

There are numerous factors that contribute to the loss of ceramides in our skin. One factor is Age. As we age the natural production of ceramides decreases. Seasonal changes can definitely affect the skin. The overuse of harsh soaps, exfoliants can throw off the skin's ph balance, therefore, weakening the skin's barrier. the ceramide levels. Smoking can definitely weaken the skin's barrier and deplete the skin of ceramides. Imagine someone like myself who naturally lacks ceramides within the skin.  and If you suffer from eczema, xerosis (dry skin), rosacea, or even acne than its obvious that the ceramide levels in the skin are lower than it should be which contributes to the sensitivity of the skin, dryness, and inflammation.

So what should you do to build your skin back up? Add products containing ceramide into your routine. if you have...
  1. Hyperpigmentation
  2. Keratosis Pilaris - Rough Skin
  3. Dry Skin
  4. Atopic Dermatitis AKA Eczema, 
  5. Acne
  6. Psoriasis 
  7. Saggy Skin
  8. Sun Damaged Skin
  9. Fine Lines & Wrinkles

 Then adding ceramide into your routine will only strengthen your skin to prevent these following conditions. 

So before I share some skincare picks with you I wanted to share why ceramides are said to be more powerful than retinol. Y'all know I swear by retinol! In fact, I use retinol 3 times a week but here is the thing. While retinol can totally transform the skin. If your barrier is weak it won't do much good. Also if you have extremely sensitive skin retinol which is a form of Vitamin A may cause some sensitivity. Granted you can only use retinol at night because it makes your skin sensitive to the sun. Whereas, ceramides are what makes up our skin so adding ceramides will only give you better results and ceramides can do everything that retinol does without the sensitivity because it's the makeup of our skin. So there you go! So you want to know the best products to use that contain ceramides??? Well, I got some 6 awesome picks for you! Not only have I tried these creams but they're also on the top picks of many dermatologists and skin expert lists. You may want to add these on your Black Friday/Cyber Monday lists because they have some great deals online. 

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