So I Got A Vampire Facial And You Won't Guess What Happened

Nov 9, 2019

So I Got A Vampire Facial And You Won't Guess What Happened

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So I Got A Vampire Facial And You Won't Guess What Happened

Hey Girl,

So guess what...I got a Vampire Facial and you won't guess what happened!!!  Well, I'm alive for one lol. No actual vampire was sucking my blood out of my skin Unless you want to call the doctors blood-sucking vampires.OH! And it wasn't as horrifying as the pictures of Kim Kardashian that we saw on Instagram. You know THIS ONE.

That photo was pretty dramatic and scary, And if you heard Kim's review it probably would deter you from getting this awesome facial. And I'm not going to share her review. I'm going to share my review and give you my perspective. If you would like to see her thoughts just google "Kim Kardashian Vampire Facial". 

So first off you know by nature I'm a technical person and naturally like to educate which is what I provide through my blogs. A source of knowledge. realness! I put Vampire Facial in the title because most people on social media may have heard of that terminology but the technical term for this facial is PRP Facial. PRP which stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma. 

So in the process what happens is blood is drawn from your arm from a licensed and certified doctor or nurse whatever you want to call them. The point is they're licensed. If anyone else is drawing your blood and they're not licensed RUN! The blood is then spun in this machine called the centrifuge that separates the plasma from the white & red blood cells. 

Image result for platelet rich plasma
In this photo, it has just come out of the machine that separated the plasma. You can see the red blood cells at the bottom and the white is the little chunky part above the red before you get to the pure gold plasma. 

So the plasma can either be injected or used through the microneedle. I know you're saying...WAIT...Microneedle??? YES, they use a Microneedle as they're applying the Plasma onto the skin. This is how you get the benefit of the plasma because of its ability to fully penetrate into the skin. I briefly talked about this in my book but in essence, when using the microneedle it creates micro-injuries in the skin that send the skin almost into shock mode to recover faster. Just call us little wolverines. You know when wolverine would get injured his skin would start to heal rapidly...Well, this is what micro-needling does to our skin. But there is science behind this. On average at approximately 27 to 28 days the skin will regenerate itself which is why skincare is very important because when the new cells come in you want to see the results of your hard work right? Well, when micro-needling which is minimally invasive is used on the skin it is a way to rejuvenate the skin. It triggers the healing process of the skin and sends an alert out to produce more collagen, fill in fine lines and wrinkles, heal scars, minimize discoloration and so much more because there are so many benefits of PRP Facials. And when you're using your PRP with the microneedle you are using the largest component of your blood which contains so many nutrients such as:
  • glucose balances the skin. It's a natural exfoliant with glycolic and alpha-hydroxy acid contents helping to maintain our skin equilibrium. It won't become too dry, or oily. You're left with a naturally radiant glow. 
  • amino acid helps to strengthen the immune system, maintain hydration and skin resilience and overall healthy appearance reducing the signs of aging. 
  • minerals help to treat dry skin and promote healthy complexion vitamins improving the skin from sun-damage, reversing signs of aging such as discoloration and wrinkles.
  • salts get rid of the dullness of the skin making is brighter, smoother and clearer because it improves skin texture.
  • carbon dioxide promotes the activity of the protein in skin urea - improves the ability to retain water in the skin and balancing hydration.
  • hormones- increases hydration, the elasticity of the skin, skin thickness, therefore, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Your quality of collagen is enhanced through the hormones

As you get older it's harder for the body to produce collagen. So Microneedling is a way to trigger the collagen promoting more youthful skin and clear skin which we all want to remain youthful. PRP Facial is that fountain to youth. So since it takes about 27 to 28 days for the skin to regenerate and produce new skin cells what you do before and during that time is important. By treating the skin with your PRP you are getting more nutrients to the skin then you would using a potent serum.

So let's get to the benefits of PRP Facials...

PRP Facials is the natural alternative to botox & fillers. The benefit of using your PRP is that you get long-lasting results and what you're using is not foreign to your body because it's your own plasma from your blood. Your own immune system is stimulated through the use of your PRP, improving the quality of your skin. 


 God created something in our bodies that's just as effective than any product out there. And through science, technology, and research God has given man the ability to figure out how to get effective results with pricks to the skin and our own plasma. That's pretty darn amazing!

Ok back to the benefits:
  • PRP stimulates the collagen production & elasticity of the skin, therefore, improving the skin plumpness. Say goodbye to saggy skin. 
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin texture
  • Reduces the size of the pores
  • Improves discoloration
  • Improves uneven skin tone
  • Improves the appearance of acne scars
  • Improves dull skin
  • Gives a youthful glow and smoother skin
  • Improves the effectiveness of skincare products.
  • Minimizes spider-veins and so much more

Ok, let's get to my thoughts and experience...

I was uberly excited about this treatment my only fear was the needle which was practically a majority of the process lol. I'd say I have a low pain tolerance so anything to me that involves infliction to my body I may consider painful. When they took my blood I felt a small pinch and that pinch wasn't painful at all.  

Then Darly went on to clean the surface of my skin and then numb it. She massaged the numbing gel on my skin like a serum to allow it to penetrate. She numbs my skin between 15-30 minutes. Who wants to feel needles pricking their skin over and over again?? NOT I! Well Kim K who's obviously superhuman wanted to feel the needles. And we saw how that turned out for her. That wasn't the wisest decision and definitely effected her review of it which I thought wasn't a fair review. But anywho..back to my review. SO once my skin was fully numb they then started the treatment session.

Darly then went in with the micro-needling pen which gives a lot more control, and precision than the tradition derma roller. She can control the depth point of the needle. '

So let's get to the question... 
Does it Hurt?
No not really...and remember I said that I had a low pain tolerance. Now there are areas on the face you will feel it more such as...forehead and around the nose near the nostrils but overall the numbing cream makes the process comfortable and tolerable in certain areas that you may feel the needle more. 

What are things to expect post-PRP facial?
Now during the consultation, they ask questions about allergies, fever blisters and things of that nature because this is a minimally invasive treatment and whatever is underneath the skin will rise to the surface which is totally normal because its the body's way of purging itself. HOWEVER, your physician need to know these things prior to starting so they'll know if they should move forward or even possibly avoid that area during the facial. Also, your skin will start to feel tight and when it heals you may see some dry areas which is why the aftercare is important. Keeping the skin hydrated, and protected will give you amazing results. 

It can possibly cause inflammation
It is quite common for the skin to become a bit swollen or even maybe a tad bit bruised if you have sensitive skin but if you have a good esthetician which I had an amazing esthetician it will be minimal. But your skin is a bit swollen is normal after the procedure and the aftercare is just as important as the initial facial. The products you use during the aftercare process must be gentle, no active ingredients, no acids, no retinol because it will sting terribly and your skin will become extremely inflamed and the reason why is because remember your skin is now open so what you put on top of it must be gentle and I suggest natural. With this process don't overthink it keep it mad simple. Cleanse, tone, use vitamin c and physical sunscreen. Your skin doctor will give you recommendations. Follow it!

How long does it take your skin to heal?
I'd say about a week. And even after that I suggest waiting to use active ingredients until 2 weeks just to be on the safe side.

How long does it take to see results?
Honestly, you can see some immediate results but I'd say about 1-2 months and if you continue this treatment ESPECIALLY if you have extreme scarring and skin texture you'll really notice the difference if you're getting it every 4-6 weeks. 

Check out the glow! This was immediately after the session!

After Care Products Used:

The products that I used are also great for sensitive skin, laser treatments, chemical peels and more. Alchimie Forever is my ride and die I talk about this brand often. This brand was developed by dermatologists specifically for treatments and those with sensitive skin. It's a vegan brand with great ingredients. 

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