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My name is Faith and I am a CREATIVE ARTIST! Which means I serve my community in so many ways. I am a Pro Makeup Artist with Expertise in Skincare, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger, Brand Strategist, Graphic Designer, Interior Stylist, A Food Connoisseur and A Music Lover but that's a topic for another day. I have a background in Interior Design with a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts.

This Blog has evolved from a passion that I had as an aspiring makeup artist years ago where I was just a girl who wanted to soak in as much information about the beauty industry as possible and be surrounded by like minded people. The information that I learned I brought here. My overall goal is to redefine beauty for the next generation. I think everyone has a different perspective of what beauty is. To me Beauty is  in the eyes of the beholder. As a makeup artist and beauty blogger I've been on both ends of the fashion and beauty industry and I know how the entertainment, fashion & beauty industry can put beauty in a box and if you don't fit that mold  you're considered ugly, odd, unusual, weird and many more things. As an artist I've trained my eyes to see beyond the physical. I see the heart and establish the need. Beauty to me is skin deep. And I believe we are the only ones that can define our beauty.  As a makeup artist I let people know that I am no magician...No makeup, no cosmetic surgery, or anything else can camouflage the inside. It's the inside that counts and when you love yourself it won't matter what others think you should be, you already know who you are with or without makeup. 

Photography By: Forever Memories Fotography


This blog is constantly in transition. The more I learn the more this blog will grow. Over time this blog has transitioned from being an All Things Beauty Blog where I offered beauty tips and techniques and shared about the beauty industry and has evolved to a blog that reflects totally who I am. I am a creative artist that does many things. So you will see beauty tips, beauty reviews, tutorials. So more beauty then anything because that is a part of my life, But you will also see Home Decor & DIY's,  Branding Tips, Fashion, Hair, Food, Travel & Health & Gardening. 

Thank you for stopping by I appreciate your support!
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