Review: B'tyli Natural Skin Therapies Part 1

Feb 24, 2010

Review: B'tyli Natural Skin Therapies Part 1

Okay guys this review is long overdue. I promised you all an review on this product and I'm going to give you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and I promise you not to leave anything out. I am going to break this Review up into 2 parts. I promise you it won't be long and DEAD ___/\________________________ (Boring). The reason why i want to break it up into 2 parts is because we are having some major cold weather coming through Houston in the afternoon, snow and everything so I wanted to test this product first hand and see if it can resist in this cold and how long it last throughout the day in the cold. I know how it works throughout the day but never had the chance to test it in a cold environment! Exciting I must say I just hate I have to got to jury duty just to test this out :( O well I gotta do what I gotta do. First off let me start off with a little intro on this company and I will keep it short and st8 to the point.

B'tyli Natural Skin Therapies History:

B'tyli Natural Skin Therapies was founded by Lisa Washington not only to bring healing to the skin but also the mind and the spirit as well through the amazing beneficial and healing properties of aroma therapies and cell regenerating oils and butters. B'tyli carry a wonderful natural line of moisturizers, cleansers, butters, body oils, salt and sugar scrubs. They also carry a natural mineral make-up line, aluminium free. Great skin care for the whole family.

Now this part was sooo beautiful to me. Lisa Washington dedicated and named this company after her children and for the life that has come through her which is her children: "B" for Benard, "Ty" for Tyler and "li" for Lisa (which is her). This woman has a story to tell and her company was founded because of her life and the many things she learned over the years of practicing Holistic Nutrition and educating herself about the importance of using natural and organic ingredients on skin, hair and etc. And y'all I must say it really does make a huge difference in how we look, feel and walk. One main inspiration was her son who had a severe case of eczema and she could not find anything that would relieve the discomfort of her son skin disease. For those who does not know what eczema is a disease in a form of dermatitis, or inflammation of the epidermis. So through this she decided to do research on her own and formulate oils and creams and they actually worked. Through this she decided to go back to school and study Holistic Nutrition and through that she learned so much about the things we put on our body in our body and it benefited her family and also me.

Okay I know you all been waiting It's REVIEW TIME:

The products I had the chance to try were the Multi Herbal Tea Eye Cream and the biggest selling product which helped his son through his eczema and that is the Body Souffle' which is a body butter.

When I tried the Herbal Tea Eye Cream I told her that I wanted to remain youthful and somthing that would prevent dark circles from surfacing and I have bags under my eyes. I've always had them since i was born but these bags are totally different. So of course i have to practice going to sleep at an decent time but its always good to start young with eye creams especially when they are "organic" :)! Anywho immediately when i tried it I smelt the aroma and it was sooooo soothing. You know they say depending on the aroma it can relieve stress. I'm not going to say I felt like I was in heaven when I smelt it but I definitely felt like i was on cloud 9 lol. It definitely smells good so that is a plus! When you put it on it glides on with no problem so the consistency is Great! I don't like anything that I have to tug onto my face huge NO NO! So I checked the ingredients and the main ingredient three in this product that I recognized and i recognized other ingredients but I will tell you why these three stood out. Aloe barbadensis (Organic Aloe Vera) Juice, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, and Camellia sinensis (Organic Green Tea) Extract. Aloe Vera was something that jumped out at me. Why? Well because I'm allergic to Aloe Vera, well at least I thought I was. When I was younger I had a lip balm that was pure aloe vera I can't tell you the brand of it because I can't remember it. I broke out on my lips like crazy it flared up and many more I won't go into details because it's just nasty. But anywho yes so the word Aloe Vera scared me lol and thats the honest truth. Moving on Kosher Vegetable Glycerin if you all seen my other review on Africare Glycerin then you will know what Glycerin is but it makes the skin soft and hair soft and is used in many cosmetics and body care products it helps by retaining moisture and oxygen into the skin. Green Tea is a protectant of skin cancer, reduces sun damage. Green tea is high in antioxidants so it reduces the signs of wrinkles, sagging skin so it slows down signs of aging! Which is a huge + for me because I do not want to age NO NO NO!!!! So when I tried this product I tried it on in the morning after I washed my face with my black soap by Shea Moisture and followed behind with my Sea Breeze toner and my ponds moisturizer. I put the eye cream on my eyes and throughout the day I let it saturate and I tell you throughout the day I was smelling the aroma and the eye cream was still on my eyes it didn't dry up or anything. So it's definitely last long throughout the day which is GREAT! I've seen improvements in my eyes they definitely look rejuvenated and alive because not only have I been using this but I been practicing going to sleep early for healing because it is said that we start healing around the time 8- 11pm I believe and Lisa you can correct me if I'm wrong so I start going to bed around 10pm if I don't have to be up. So that also helped! So 2 thumbs up for that!!! So I would definitely recommend this product to anybody thats looking for a good eye cream and this is not only for the women but for the men also so MEN don't sleep on this product because you too need to look good and deserve to have healthy skin! OH I forgot I did not break out from the Aloe Vera WOOP WOOP!!!!!

Check out part 2 that will be on the Body Souffle' that is when I will test this product in the cold and freezing weather *sighs* PRAY FOR ME* as I go out in this weather!!!

No Makeup just eyeshadow! Can you see the bags and dark circles around my eyes? Thats not a good look lol but definitely correcting it with a little practice and B'tyli Multi Herbal Tea Eye Cream

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