Discover the Ultimate Power of Mind Over Matter

May 28, 2010

Discover the Ultimate Power of Mind Over Matter

We have all heard the stories of mind over matter and they are well documented enough to spur the medical and scientific industries to pursue it with enough vigour that has created technologies and methods that have allowed them to exploit the power of the mind. One good example of this is when a terrified mother is able to lift a car to free her child trapped in the burning wreckage. This is believed to be a common effect of the mind when placed in an environment of extreme trauma and emotions so that it amplifies strength.

This is the same logic that follows how some fighters are able to withstand extreme injury and even kill someone with a single blow when placed under duress. While our muscles and the physiological make up of our body has certain limitations, the mind does not, and often when the right conditions are met, the mind can gather all the potential power that a person has and focuses it into a single moment.

Pain is just another aspect where the mind is fully in control of, where pain receptors are activated when something injures you. But did you know that pain is simply a defence mechanism of the body to alert you that there is something wrong. While critical, it can be dispensed with chemicals like adrenalin and it can also be done away with proper meditation and preparation.

For example, we can take the fire walkers of India to be a potent example of this power. Not only are they able to walk on fire but the more stark example of their mind over matter is the fact that they are able to pierce themselves all over with hooks and spikes and carry large metal cages hooked onto their skin for hours on end and feel only minimal fatigue and pain. This is a prime example of meditation and the power of the mind to overcome anything.

This is what sets the normal from the extraordinary but the thing is, anyone of us has the potential to achieve this and control our minds to offset the limitations of the matter around us. We can do this either of two ways, either by enforced meditation, which gives us control over the subconscious mind and elevates us from physical limitations like pain and fatigue.

Or we can use technology, which has been developed to allow the entire population of the world to achieve this. One of the examples of this technology is brainwave entrainment, which uses the power of binaural beats to trigger the frequencies in the mind needed to give us the control we need over both the conscious and the sub conscious mind we have. Other examples of this type of technology also include biofeedback, affirmation and autogenics.

The ability to transcend beyond our own physical limitations lies in the mind. You too can discover the ultimate power of mind over matter as most of these technologies are available online for your use - packaged as consumer goods in an affordable, easy to use medium.

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