Makeup Tips & Tricks

Aug 5, 2010

Makeup Tips & Tricks

Apply a lighter shade to the entire eyelid, starting at the lash line and going right up to the brow bone. Apply the darker shade in the crease and extend the color outward to the outside corner of the eye. 

Always apply eye liner as close to the lash line as possible. For a basic application, line the upper two-thirds and the other one-third of the bottom eyelid. Smudge the line or overlay with complementary eyes shadow to set. 

Hold the wand in a vertical position. Use the tip to color the ends of the lashes, and
sweep the brush back and forth like a windshield wiper. Turn the wand to the
horizontal position, and sweep upward through the upper lashes, wiggling the brush
back and forth to coat the "sides" of each lash. Let dry and reply. Apply only one coat
to the lower lashes.

Use short, feathering strokes to softly fill in with color, starting from the inner point and moving toward the end. Comb or brush the upper edge of the brow for a "lift." Tip: Use a pencil or a long, thin brush. Hold it vertically beside your nose. This will
indicate the best starting point of the brow - just above the inner corner of the eye;
the brow should extend slightly past the outer corner of the eye.

Dot concealer on the inner corners of your eyes and blend out to cover dark shadows.
Use ring finger to gently blend. Avoid tugging and pulling the skin in this delicate
Tip: Concealer can be applied a second time, over the foundation, when extra coverage is desired. Foundation Apply sparingly to forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Using fingertips or a sponge,
gently blend downward until foundation blends invisibly. Never apply below the

Apply with a puff or loose-powder brush after foundation and before powder blush.
Gently dip into powder. Tap off excess. Apply a light dusting across the forehead,
down the nose, across the cheeks and chin, concentrating on the shiny parts of the
Tip: In addition to reducing shine and providing for a more "finished" look, powder helps
to "set" the make-up - apply a "pouf" of powder over your face and lips, gently brush
or tissue any excess away you go - you will stay flawless much longer!
Always have two powders-a loose, translucent powder for morning applications and a
pressed compact for day and evening touch-ups.

Start at the center of the cheek, blend up the cheekbone and diagonally out and up toward the hairline right above the ear. Using the back-and-forth motions can make the application more even. Be careful not to put too much blush on the brush at first. Build up the color slowly and carefully. 
Tip: If you feel your face is too broad, you can create the illusion of narrowing by starting
the blush directly under the outside edge of the iris.
If you feel your face is long and narrow, you can create the illusion of broadening by
starting the blush a bit closer to the nose.
Add a light dusting wherever the sun would hit your face: the tip of your nose, the top
of your forehead and the tip of your chin. Never apply blush BELOW the tip of the nose

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