Sept.2010 Hair Update!!!

Sep 3, 2010

Sept.2010 Hair Update!!!

Ok it's been a looooooong minute since I've been on here and did an update on my hair!!! I definitely been MIA and I apologize for that.
of thinking which led to me making the decision to transition to natural! So here is the start of my journey at this time I was almost APL

So the way I was maintaining my hair post relaxer was through protective styles here are some pictures of my protective styles

These are just a few of my protective hair styles I did recently. People ask what did I do to my hair underneath lol well honest y;all ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. the only thing I would do to my hair is co-wash 2-3 times a week just to detangle my hair and put some moisture in there and then I would let it air dry and sometime if I was in a rush to go somewhere I would just put a satin cap over my damp hair and throw a wig on it lol Now I'm not saying that's the right way of doing things because I know it's not and I wouldn't suggest anyone to do that. Through the castor oil challenge I have gotten very lazy as my hair got harder to manage. When I could use my glycerin and water I wasn't even doing that. I just through wigs on top of my head and called it a day,

So in May I decided that I wanted to straighten my hair with the chi iron just to somewhat see my length...Here are some pictures and I showed some major results in thickness and length....

And this was a picture taken the day after

just to show you all the thickness of my hair...I curled my hair tight May was the last time I put any heat to my hair...

Now it is September 3, 2010
Wednesday my pastor told me she wanted to see my real hair and paid for me to get my hair pressed because I refused to relax my hair. I really didn't want to put any heat at all but because she wanted to see it and I did kinda want to see how my hair has progress I decided the next day September the 2I was going to go get my hair pressed. One of the beauticians I know instantly offered to do it for FREE so my pastor didn't have to pay neither did I =)!!!

So here are the results I haven't taken any back shots yet but when I do I will add them to this blog...When I was getting my hair pressed OMG it was pure torture I felt like I couldn't breathe!!! But the next time I get my hair pressed IF I do I am going to request that they put me to sleep and prop my head up with a rope...I think I burned myself more with all the moving I was doing...I'm scared of direct heat y'all lol...So my hair is currently BSL towards the back area =) YEAH!!!! (In my lil jon's voice)

Anywho here are the results

And it just keeps on growing, and growing, and growing (In my energizer bunny battery voice)

Good thing is I didn't lose a lot of hair like I thought I would!!! I had a few tangles in my hair towards the middle of my head because it's so thick and then also because I got lazy with my hair but the results came out good!!! :)

Tell me what you think! I will be going right back to my protective styles but for now on I will braid my hair under the satin cap!!! I think if it wasn't for my satin cap my hair would have proabably been gone!!!!

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