Jan 30, 2011


Hello Blog Fam,

So I want to share some news with you all. I'm soooo excited and I would like for you to be a part of this dramatic change in my life. As of January 27, 2011, I am fully natural now!!! YES I DID IT, I did the whole BC (Big Chopperu) on my hair. It felt so liberating mainly because I conquered a fear and did something that was totally not planned at all! Which is why I am more excited about that then anything else. It's just a stepping stone in my opinion because if I was able to do this with no thought or doubt in my mind and have a peace about it, then I'm able to do anything I put my mind to. It's all about stepping out and getting over my fear. I remembered this "Our doubts are TRAITORS" and it is true because the moment we start to doubt ourselves or something that we desire to do it back fires on us and betrays us. Our fears holds us captive and because I broke that mode I'm able to say that I actually did something that FAITH wanted to do! And I couldn't be more happier. So I want this to be an introduction to the new me and I want to encourage you all to let go of your FEAR and DOUBT. Step into the NEW YOU!!! This is a new year of new beginnings. Don't let fear hold you captive,don't let anyone tell you NO you can't do it, don't let no one tell you you are less then a person. You be confident within yourself because then you will know that no matter what one say you are going to do YOU. I have had so many tell me to my face that I can't do this, or won't look good with this or that, and BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! But after I realized that  it didn't matter what others thought and that I was going to stop living my life through the thoughts of other people that's when I started LIVING! #howudoin

I just wanted to encourage you all and let you know you can do anything! Don't ever doubt yourself at all!!

So now that is out of the way I also want to say that I will be doing a 
"Stepping into A New Natural Me Journey"
basically keeping  a journal of my new hair and products that I use, styles, tips, video tutorials, updates and more and every month I will keep tabs on my growth. So you all will be able to see my ins and outs. I'm going  to take you through my most private moments. RAW and UNCUT! I am 4 days behind on everything because I'm suppose to keep a journal but I will start on it today which is Sunday January 30, 2011. Also I started a page for all of my NATURAL HAIR SISTERS on face book called Hairthology (this is a logo that I created, it's been copyrighted and everything!) *click on the image it will take you to the page*

I'm excited for what's going to happen this year and I want you all to know although "Hairthology was created to bond with my natural sisters, I welcome everybody! I know it's hard to find natural groups that aren't stuck up and what not and think that they better than everyone else, but Hairthology is nothing like that. You are truly welcome to come and relax! 

So now all of that is said, I'm sure you all been twirling your thumbs wanting to see my new hair. Well I won't make you wait any long....Drum roll PLEASE....without further adieu  I want to present to you the NEW ME!

Enjoy! Updates, Reviews and more coming SOON! I won't be taking much pictures of my hair. Just once a month and if I take anymore it's to show you all a new hair style I'm rocking with my natural hair.

Well Later guys,

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