Being Inspired

Feb 21, 2011

Being Inspired

Have you ever been so inspired that you wake up drinking about your dream??? Well that's me! Today was one of those days where I went to sleep thinking about my goals and aspirations and woke up thinking about it which sparked this blog. I woke up saying to my self that I deserve nothing but the best and if I'm going to have the best sitting around waiting for it to come to me is not going to help me. I have to GO GET IT MYSELF. So for many of y'all that don't know my dream and goal is to be a makeup artist and of course an interior designer. So I set up my goal of things I have to accomplish this year and some I have already accomplished. But my main goal is to work for ULTA right across the way from my dream place which I plan on being in by the mid-point of this year with my DREAM JOB as a makeup artist at Ulta. Now how I'm going to get there, through prayer and supplication and of course that go getter mentality. I'm just going to be in their face and let them know how much I really need and want to be there and that's all. I'm going to present my resume and BAM there it is. I already made it known to the manager over the phone by calling but now it's time to show my face and show how serious I am about this. Make sure in whatever you do you do it because YOU LOVE IT and make sure that you stand out. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses but I know my strength and I know my weakness so I execute on my strengths and work on my weaknesses. 

Did you know it takes EXACTLY  21 days to form a habit and 30 days at the most. So if you want to change something be consistent for 21 days and I guarantee you, you will notice a change in 
your life.

I FAITH decided that for 21 days I'm going to be consistent that's the only way I'm going to land into my dreams. So here it goes. I'll keep a journal. Starting today!

Oh and also I would suggest for all you dreams chasers surround yourself around those that inspires you. If they don't inspire you need to get rid of them. Negativity should not be in your circle. 

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