Make Quick & Easy Money with

May 18, 2011

Make Quick & Easy Money with

For those browsing through the website after site looking at various of ways to earn some extra cash online that's legit and quick and don't cost you money just to make money. WELL I got a solution for you! It's called MyLikesits a word-of-mouth advertising platform that connects advertisers with influencers on the web. Influencers can spread the word and earn money. It's simple!

Many of us are looking to make extra money on the side I don't care how much money you have. Everybody wants more money!!! I can never have too much money! I have tried literally if not all, then most methods for making easy money at home and none have worked for me and none was easy. Either it involved me to harass people either through calling them or beating on doors. Which is sooo uncomfortable. Or it involved me waisting my gas and Lord knows gas is high as the heavens. Or I found myself in debt just because I was spending money on the products but not gaining. I wanted something that was quick, to the point, it wouldn't involve me investing my money or time into something that may not work. And something that was stress free and I enjoyed doing and was and is that! I am a social Network marketer so my daily job is to network with people whether it's through youtube, facebook, twitter, blogging or more. 

  The company was founded by two ex-Googlers iin ir's attempt to rewrite the way products are advertised.The concept is simple you fb post, tweet, blog, post, and share ads for money and get paid  (PayPerLike) and per view if you doing a video format. Users don’t like things for money but endorse products that they have tried for themselves and like or love. Similar concepts have been replicated but I believed that MyLikes is on to something that will be the "next big thing on the web". My likes allow Just like professional sports players. Just like charities (you can, in fact, donate your earnings to charity in MyLikes). 

 There are 3 ways you can advertise to your audience or followers.
Tweet Sponsored Likes - If you like an advertiser you want to Tweet about, you simply create your Tweet and we will post it on Twitter for you. You can schedule it to be posted at any time you want.
Embed a MyLikes banner - Choose the size, color and font to match your website and cut and paste some code on your website. You will get to pick various settings like the number of likes you want to show in the banner, the maximum number of Sponsored Likes, only likes from certain topics, number of comments, etc. We will automatically pick the regular and Sponsored Likes from amongst all your likes based on these settings.
Post a Sponsored Like as a blog post - You may also post Sponsored Likes as blog posts. We currently support posting Sponsored Likes to Blogger and give you code for other systems. These posts will be clearly demarcated as Sponsored.

audrina tweet
You can make an advertising post through any of these Social media network and get PayPerLike.At the end of the week any earnings more than $2 will be sent to your PayPal account its that easy.User can advertise through any of these social media.


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