The Valuable Woman Challenge Day 2 The Spirituality of a Valuable Woman

May 25, 2011

The Valuable Woman Challenge Day 2 The Spirituality of a Valuable Woman

The sexiest position for a woman is on her knees... literally. Prayer is powerful. Your beauty, a man, or any amount of money could never compare to the miracles that prayer can create in your life. Once you move past the surface and discover the many layers of your spirituality and really understand how God works, you can open the door to unlimited possibility.

A Valuable Woman knows how to utilize prayer... PROPERLY.
Today I challenge you to strip away your belief systems, judgments and misunderstandings about prayer, religion and spirituality and let God simply move through you. Take some time today and ask yourself, "Do I spend enough time working on my relationship with God?" After reading this e-mail, take a few moments to pray.
I guarantee you that God will be listening.


Ok this day was very important to me, this is the day that I birthed a new me. First off I must tell you what spirituality means to me. Many get frightened by this word because they think it's referring to religion and etc which that could be true. But spirituality is about wholeness/alignment with the emotional, intellectual, and physical self. And women spirituality is that which comes of being within the body of a woman. It values life, creativity, empathy, receptivity, diversity and the natural cycles that ensure change. As women we need to reclaim what has always been our birthright our own spirituality. This really helped me because it allowed me to get intune with God and what he really wanted for me. Once I got intune doors  started to open for me. Which is where my faith cam bin because sometimes I tend to hesitate after God done already open the door because either fear or me not feeling worthy and one thing I realized on the first day that I am a valuable woman. Why shouldn't I be blessed. Why am I closing doors that God opened for me??? So as I told you all Tuesday I applied for 3 jobs as a beauty advisor for several cosmetic counters and they called me back within that same day. Now mind you this is Day 2 of the challenge when this happened to me. I had already prayed. Then on top of that I model unexpectedly called me to do her makeup for a photoshoot. Now I was about to turn a great opportunity down with a model and photographer that God opened for me but before I responded to her post I went to my Makeup Artist Mentor Jennifer James and she told me and I quote
Faith Haller, you need the experience, you need to hone your artistry - do the shoot. You may get a picture to use to promote yourself, YOU MAY NOT.

You are guaranteed to come away with more experience, you will have learned something new & you're giving yourself another opportunity to be creative.

It's up to you to push yourself during the shoot so that you are extending BEYOND what you have done before. Push for more precision, push for more skin perfection, push for better executed highlighting & contouring.

Your attitude going in determines how much value this can be for you.


And you know what she was right! This was something I prayed for the opportunity was right in front of my face! Go blessed me with an AWESOME model and AWESOME photographer. This project opened many doors for me and I'm grateful that I took that leap of faith. But never anymore will I question anything that God does for me. This is my season. Everyday I vowed when I wake up in the morning I would give God honor and praise and that he guide my foot steps everyday. 

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