Don't Lose Weight! Release Weight!!!

Sep 29, 2011

Don't Lose Weight! Release Weight!!!

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I wanted to share this because many times we are not aware of the words we are saying and the fact that the words we say can speak many things into existence whether good or bad. Some may think this is small and petty. But the smallest things can become the biggest. I want to talk about the phrase “Losing Weight” and “Releasing Weight” and the difference.
Many times we often say “Oh, Girl I’m LOSING weight”, or I’m going to “Lose” Weight but we don’t realize what we really are saying in so many words that we losing but hoping to gain the weight back or even worse. Let me define the wordLOSING or LOSE.
Lose- to fail inadvertently to retain(something) in such a way that it cannot beimmediately recovered:
So basically you saying that you losing the wait in hopes of gaining the wait back. Because according to the definition it said “it cannot be IMMEDIATELY recovered” but it is possible for you to find or recover something right?
Example. I’ve lost my keys plenty of times but I eventually recovered it or “found” it. So it’s no longer lost.
Do you get my drift? We lose weight all the time but we wonder why sometimes we can’t keep the weight off it’s because we’ve trained it in our minds that we are going to find that weight and latch it on to our bodies oneday. It’s become traditional to lose weight and this is why many repeat this episode over and Over and OVER again.
So you may ask “well Faith what should I say”? We should say and not only say it but believe it I am RELEASING my weight or I have RELEASED my weight or I’m going to RELEASE my weight!
This is why you should say it. For one it’s an AFFIRMATION and what is an affirmation? Affirmation is the act of affirming things into existence. And in order to do this it must become a lifetyle. You must change your thoughts, and your mind. And repeat it. Repetition brings CHANGE!
So let’s define the word RELEASE!
Release-to free from confinement, bondage, obligation, pain, etc.; let go: to release a prisoner; to release someone from a debt.
So when you let go of something you are RELEASING IT from-YOUR-LIFE. It’s no longer a part of you! You’re no longer tied to it! And there is no room to finding it anymore. You made space for a new life. So basically you tossed your old life out to make room for your new life.
So if we train ourselves to not only talk differently but think differently we will in no doubt believe it and it will become a LIFESTYLE because we’ve made it a habit through constantly repeating the phrase “RELEASE the WEIGHT”. Let’s RELEASEthe weight!!!
I have released my weight in 2009 it's 2011 and the weight has not come back and will not come back. Moving forward not looking back!

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