Beautiful Transformation Day 1 November 23, 2011

Nov 23, 2011

Beautiful Transformation Day 1 November 23, 2011

Well it's that time guys! It's time to get BEASTY!!!!

So the last time I updated you all on my weightloss journey in 2009 I lost 50lbs from 198 to 148....
And then I lost 4 more lbs that brought me to 145. So now I'm back. Now I don't weight 198 but I do weight 162.60lbs and I'm happy about my size because I'm not too small and not too big but my goal is to lose 7.50lbs which will bring me to 155lbs. My ultimate goal is to overall tone this body! I want a 4-6 pack and I will get that! So today I didn't eat much at all! I KNOW, I KNOW! I'm trying to get to that 4 meals a day lol. I ate one bowl of lucky charms this morning! (I love lucky charms) For a snack I ate one banana and for lunch I ate noodles and turkey necks. It's 7:58pm and I am not hungry and doubt I will eat again tonight. I've drunk 2 cups of water which I'm going to amp up the the water intake because I'm not drinking enough water. I just haven't been thirsty but I will do better. Earlier in the afternoon I exercised doing some lunges, abdomen exercises, squats and crunches. Last night going into the early morning I did the opposite of what I said in my introduction. I did more of the hard core exercises early this morning around 1am-2:30am. So this afternoon after I did my afternoon exercises I weighed myself to confirm my weight and I went down a 1.50 Weighing 161lbs. SHOCKING huh? YUP I'm shocked too. But I won't weigh myself again until next week Saturday because I don't want to over weigh myself and be disappointed. Overall I think this day was good. I didn't take my vitamins but will start tomorrow on Thanksgiving Day. And hopefully I will get in my 4 meals. That l.5lb lost was a accomplishment so I will say today was a good day. If anything changes today I will update you all. :)

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