Beautiful Transformation Weight Loss Challenge; INTRODUCTION

Nov 23, 2011

Beautiful Transformation Weight Loss Challenge; INTRODUCTION

Heyooooo Sisterens & Brotherens,

My name is Faith and this is my introduction to my ULTIMATE transformation! I am 26 years old and my goal is not only to get my body on point for me but for my future HUSBAND tehehehehehehe. Anywho as you all know or may not know in 2009 I lost 50lbs and some months later I lost 4 more lbs 54lbs all together bringing me to 145 at 5'8 of height. So originally I weighed 198. 145 was a drastic change for me and I felt like I was way to thin. I struggled to regain my appetite back because my eating habit had changed. 2 months ago I picked up 17.50lbs. You may ask how I feel about the weight gain? I feel perfectly fine! In all actuality when I was 145 I was way to thin almost sickly thin. I was confident and dealt with my weight at that moment but knew i needed to pick up some weight. As I said for some time now I struggled putting on some pounds until a couple of months ago. My eating habits are pretty stable. As always I don't eat much. I probably eat 1 time a day. I KNOW, I KNOW, that is not good. But I can't help it. I eat when my body tells me to eat! So now my goal is to try to eat at lease 4 times a day, I am in the process of losing 7.50lbs because I want to weigh 155lbs, And my ultimate goal is to tone, Tone, TONE!!! What I'm going to do to accomplish that you may ask? I'm going to exercise 2 times a day! In the morning I'm going to do stretches and running. At night I'm going to do more of the hardcore exercises, lunges, crunches, a toning fusion of exercises. I find by doing the hardcore exercises at night I accomplish more mainly because I'm a night owl so I'm always up. I burn more calories that way and have the most energy at night. I will drink loads of water and take my vitamins like I should I will weigh in 1 time a week and keep a journal each day of my journey on this blog. I've also been juicing lately so that will be a part of my lifestyle. Time to get BEASTEEEEEEEE!!!!!

If you would like to join me on this "Beautiful Transformation Weight Loss Challenge" click HERE and download the FREE e-book written by Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey! Her story alone is an inspiration and you will be truly motivated! Also I have been featured in this book so I would love for you all not only support Nina but support me. It's FREE information that could have very well been charged for but it's FREE

This is the FULL booklet needed to assist you during the BeautifulBrwnBabyDolTM Weight Loss Challenge 2011!!!  My goal is to provide you with some information that I found valuable during the course of my weight loss.
This book will change during the first week as new sponsors, links and words of wisdom are added so check back to make sure you have the most up to date version!!!

You will be sent to to complete each download!  There are 5 total!!!  Don't worry!  The downloads are SAFE!!!

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