Book of the Season: The Secret

Apr 6, 2012

Book of the Season: The Secret

Hello all,

So it's been a minute but I'm back. I'm making it my duty to try to write a blog a day. Even if it's just a quote that has inspired me. So I wanted to share this book. I was walking through Target a couple of weeks ago and stumbled upon this book. I've seen the DVD millions of times but I shreeked when I seen the book. I always knew there was a book out but I never thought it would be at Target. I've seen it at Borders and Barnes and Noble. So of course I picked up and as soon as I got home I started reading it.. Everything that's in the book is in the DVD but what I love about having the book is I process the information I'm reading faster and at my own pace. I can refer back when I want and take notes. This book has been an eye opener for me. This book talks about the power of "The Law of Attraction" and how our thoughts effect our life. The Secret to The Law of Attraction is FAITH! It's true. If you don't believe in yourself and that you deserve the best then no one else. The universe responds by energy and what you put out. I don't want to give to much away but this book is the ULTIIMATE read. Please check this book out for yourself. It's the perfect balance. So now I have the bible and this book.

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