Jul 21, 2012


Hello family,

So it's another blog and GOSH have I been busy! I've been on the move since I made it back from Dallas and have a lot to share so I'm going to break everything in sections.

So I had the opportunity to work The Image Expo again this year with 5 time Emmy Award Winner Eve Pearl.  I worked it last year also with Eve Pearl and it was a success!!! So they brought it back to Houston and it was bigger & better. I'll go more into details later in this article. But FIRST I want to give an intro to this event so you all will know what it is and why it's so important.

The IMAGE Expo is an event almost you may say similar to The Makeup Show & The IMATS.  The IMAGE Expo is geared towards the overall beauty industry. It is dedicated to providing all beauty industry professionals the opportunity to make new connections and learn.  Last year in 2011 which was the first event for  the IMAGE Expo in Houston, there were over 6,000 attendees in beauty, salon, spa, nails, hair cosmetology, and business industry professionals that attended the workshops, seminars, and celebrity state presentations. This year it was said to have been well over 20,000 attendees


Well first off this is one of the biggest events to ever hit the Central part of USA and become a huge success. Education is so important when it comes to the beauty industry and many times we are overlooked. We didn't have anything outside of IMATS & The Makeup Show which normally only travel to the east & west coast.  We longed for something like this and I think education is extremely important and getting Texas off the ground. I think by having this people will step outside the box. I think we are getting somewhere and The Image Expo started something new.

Now as far as my experience I enjoyed working with Eve Pearl again and as I was grateful last year I'm just as grateful this year. I was comfortable with her products because I've experienced it for myself and sense my first time encountering Eve Pearls products I've used her products on a constant basis. So I've learned about the product and was able to help others because I knew and believed it worked. This year some of the team members were here from last year but we had some new members to our team which so happen to be a part of my group MUA Chat Line so I interact with them on the social network side but it was good to meet them in person. Also one of the exciting moments of the show was to see my girls Niala Howard & Tia Howard of Magnolia Makeup. If you don't know who they are google them. They have traveled with The Makeup Show, The Bronner Bros and more. Don't sleep on them!

So I'm going to end here and share some of the pictures from the show this year.

(From Left to Right)- Tia Howard, (Me) Faith Haller, Niala Howard


We rocked this event!!! 
Don't know where this man came from but I find this picture to be funny!  The team, LeRenda & Random man.
Eve Pearl Team 2012
Team and LeRenda
Me working on Caspian. He claimed he had a blemish on his skin. I don't know what he was talking about.

Feel the Emmy, BE the EMMY!

One of my clients.

The beautiful Tabatha Coffey at her book signing.

Good Ole Kim Kimble!

Admins battling it out at the Eve Pearl Booth (Gwen & I)

There are so many more photos I would like to share but it would take a life time to share this experience. My advice to you is to come to the Image Expo next year. The good thing unlike last year was the workshops, classes were free. Kim Kimble, Eve Pearl & many more were teaching free classes. If I had the opportunity to sit in I would have but I had to work the booth but i would suggest that everyone take advantage and come next year to not only support Houston but to educate yourself.

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