What is this BB Cream Hype All About????

Jul 12, 2012

What is this BB Cream Hype All About????

Hello family,

So it's been a minute but I'm so inspired to write another article. I've been hearing so much about BB Creams lately it's crazy! Last year it was the first time I heard about it then the hype died down. Now it's picking back up and it seems as if everywhere you look some brand is offering their form of BB Creams. SO WHAT IS THE HYPE???? When I first was introduce to it I assumed it was basically a tinted moisturizer because that's what it look like to me. But I questioned why would they call it BB Cream if it was just a tinted moisturizer? Why don't they continue to call it what it is? Is this another stunt to get more money? I was asking all of these questions at the time. I figured it had to be more to this "BB Cream". It had to be more than just a tinted moisturizer. So I went as usual and did some research. So I'm going to share what I learned with you all. First I'm going to share a video. One of my FAVORITE youtube gurus talked about this when BB Creams first started becoming popular in the UStates! Gossmakeupartist....


Lilpumkinpie05 recently in fact YESTERDAY she did a BB- Cream Video introducing another BB-Cream that is becoming the talk of the states. 

BB Creams, What's all the Hype About?


And my last favorite video is Vee Charles AKA MsVCharles on Youtube

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So basically BB Creams better known as Beauty Balms or Blemish balms is not only a tinted moisturizer but it contains "SUPPOSEDLY" a primer, moisturize built into it and spf to protect your skin and they can have healing properties to heal and cover acne, redness, dark circles and more. So basically it's an all-in-one. So where did it come from? BB Cream was popular among Asians for some years before it hit the states. It is reported that BB Creams originated and was founded in Germany in 1968 by Dr. Christine Schrammek-Drusio, Basically it was used to heal scars caused by laser skin surgery. Then that's when famous South Korean actresses then started using it for beauty purposes and it became a popular trend in Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and have not to long ago made it's way to Europe and USA. You can now find BB Creams everywhere. Even in our local stores! Some of the most talked about popular BB Creams I've been hearing about is.....

I'm going to purchase a few BB Creams and try them out and review it. If you have tried any BB Creams please comment letting me know what brand it was and how it has worked out for you. Many say and think that it's a waste of money when they can mix their own form of BB Cream. Hey if you can do that and you have the time then WHY NOT???!!! I think this was created for that woman or man that may have a busy schedule and need that right now product with a nice natural coverage but they getting the benefits of a primer. moisturizer and protection. Do what works for you. =D

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