Aug 1, 2012


So I'm currently on a journey to a healthier and more fit me and I want to state my goals right now. I visited which is a site that gives you the tools and support to reach your goals. This site will help you calculate your calories and keeping track of how many calories you are burning within a day.

So I started from here...

And currently at 165 now. Now 165 is a perfect weight for my height and size however my goal is to lose 5lbs first. Why??? My goal is to tone and with muscles that will add weight. So I'm deducting 5lbs for the muscles. Now at the time my goal weight was 155lbs which is still not a bad size for me considering the fact that I would gain 5 more lbs after the muscle weight however I'm proud of the size I am now just want to tweak areas of my body. Most of my fat goes to my hips, butt and breast. Below is the Suggested Fitness and Nutrition Goals. So I'm scheduled to lost 1lb a week. I will be exercising 30mins a day. The goal time is Sept. 5 which is my fathers birthday. More updated pictures coming tomorrow, with the equipment I will be reach this goal. I will also post my weekly meal plans. I'm going to keep it consistent then switch it up the next week. That will give me some time to adjust and figure out if that meal plan work for me.

Your Suggested Fitness And Nutrition Goals

Congratulations! Your personalized diet and fitness profile is now complete. Based on your answers, here are your suggested nutrition and fitness goals.
Net Calories Consumed* / Day1,410 Calories / Day
Carbs / Day194 g
Fat / Day47 g
Protein / Day53 g
Calories Burned / Week910 Calories / Week
Workouts / Weekends5 workouts
Minutes / Workout30 minutes
Your projected weigh loss is: 1.0 lbs/week
You should lose 5.0 lbs. by September 5

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