REVIEW: Fan Laundry Soap

Sep 2, 2012

REVIEW: Fan Laundry Soap

Hello family,

So I got something to share for you all that I KNOW you will love!!! This is sort of a two-way review. I discovered something as I was looking through my stash. So this is a ancient Chinese secret. This soap is amazing!  I used it to wash stains out of my clothes. I mean this soap can remove any amount of stain no matter how long it's been there and what type of stain it may be. This is better than any expensive cleaning detergent that's on the market.  For so many years, Chinese people use this soap for washing their clothes.  This particular soap has no scent to it but there are some out there that has a lemongrass scent and more. But as I discovered it's power to remove stains and because this soap has no chemicals or more in it a light bulb lit up in my head. I questioned if this soap works with clothing I wondered if it could work with my makeup brushes.

The only way I would know is if I tested it. So I did that and here it is...

So as you can see this is the bar of laundry soap tested on my dirty brush and now you see the after. My brush look good as new. In less than 10 seconds. Normally my process is a lot longer and tedious than this. But this is my new routine. It cuts down the products and time in more than a half. So I would definitely suggest that everyone carry this in their home and for every makeup artist to use this as their brush cleaner. 

Where you can find this???
You can find this at you local China Town Grocery Store. It's Called "Fan Laundry Soap"

Or you can purchase it from these following links.


HAPPY CLEANING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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