Funny Experience: Kelly Rowland Experience

Oct 17, 2012

Funny Experience: Kelly Rowland Experience

 I'm normally always told that I resemble Kelly Rowland (For some odd reason) so it's nothing new when I hear it but it's really crazy when people think you her and ask you for autographs. Well it got that crazy. I'm on the megabus heading to Dallas and one of the bus guys that work for the megabus he checked me in and another guy took my bags before I entered bus. So I sit down in my normal favorite seat (which is on the bottom floor where the laptop table is at. I always sit there!)  And he walks up and stares at me for a good amount of time. So I thought either something was wrong or he was just checking a sister out lol. I eliminated checking me out because I was looking pretty busted. He was talking to another guy outside that took my bags and said "Yea that looks like her but I don't know". So I asked "Is there a problem?" He responded "No you just look like a celebrity annnnnnd....." I said "Let me guess.... KELLY ROWLAND?!" He said yes and I laughed so hard. And he laughed and he said "Well are you" and I said "NAAAAAAAAW!!!"

It's funny because if people were really fans of Kelly Rowland and knew how she look they would know I look NOTHING like her. Of course we have 4 heads and  near the same complexion but I have a crooked smile hers is pretty even in all her photos, Our nose are different regardless of highlighting and contouring. Eyes shape different. And why would Kelly be riding on the Megabus? She may ride for the experience but NAW! Highly unlikely!

Second I am thick, Kelly is very lean and toned, I'm taller than Kelly and my face is a lot chubbier than hers. And our bone structure is different. You don't believe me???? LOOK at the side by side photos. And then we just don't look alike! PERIOD! As beautiful as she is and I accept the compliment but we just don't look alike! LOL 

He was about to get a crew to get autographs! Are you serious???? I can't look that much like that girl! Oh and if I started singing OH he probably would really think I'm her. *side eye* I won't do that.

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