Whole Grain Angel Hair Spinach Alfredo Pasta Recipe

Dec 5, 2012

Whole Grain Angel Hair Spinach Alfredo Pasta Recipe

Hell family

I'm excited to share this dish with you all. I've been getting request for my recipes from the past photos I've posted and never got to it but I'll be posting my meals and recipes in hopes of it inspiring others. I've been cooking a lot lately especially since I've been on my Healthy Journey to Fitness in August. I'm currently doing INSANITY now and this is one of my meals for the INSANITY challenge.  

So the Ingredients in this are:
1. Ground Turkey 
2. (1 bag) Spinach
3, (2) Ragu Parmesan Light Alfredo
4. 100% Wheat Grain Angel Hair Pasta
5. (2) Tomatoes
6 Garlic
7. Onions
8. Lime Juice (Lemon Juice is another option) 
9. Onion Salt
10. Garlic Powder
11. Mrs. Dash
12. Salt
13. Pepper
14. Lemon Pepper
15. Water
16. Avocado Oil

I cooked this on the stove. If you desire to cook this in the oven to make more of a casserole dish that's perfectly fine. Add your own flare.

Cooking Process:
I boiled the Angel Hair Pasta on the stove. I then cooked the ground turkey with Avocado Oil with no seasoning. Next I steamed my spinach (You can do this on the stove or microwave).  I strained the noodles, then I added the Ragu Parmesan Light Alfredo Sauce on top of the noodles and slow cooked it. Once the ground turkey was done browning I added the turkey and spinach to the noodles and sauce. Then I diced up my tomatoes, garlic, and onions and added that last with the seasoning and added lime juice to give it a little kick. (Lime Juice is optional)

This is for my diet and being I can't have to much salt is the reason I cooked my food the way I did. But as I said add your own flare. If you want to add more seasoning which my dish is nicely seasoned but if you want to season your turkey or add another twist please do so. It's all about experimenting. I'm sure the next time I do this it won't be the same because I'm always changing something up

I added the lime juice and lemon pepper last to give it a little edge. But this is pretty much it. I hope you all enjoy this dish and make it your own by adding your flare to it. Let me know what you think and tag me a photo of your dish. :)

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