Part I: All Stars Weekend Experience with AJ Crimson

Mar 3, 2013

Part I: All Stars Weekend Experience with AJ Crimson

Hello to all my FAITH Walking Crew!

Welp I must say I been living up to my blog name ONLINE WITH FAITH! This year has been REMARKABLE so far for me. I've had some downs but I definitely had some ups! First off in order for this blog to go the way I want I have to tell you all every detail possible without making this article the next phase of the Chronicles. First off this year I didn't do a vision board like I normally do. What I did I vocally voiced what I wanted whether it was on my instagram, facebook or I'll say it out loud. All I knew was I wanted to assist well known and influential makeup artists, I wanted to go to The Makeup Show NY, I wanted a job because I wanted to launch my business this year and etc. So lets get to the meat of this blog post.

My two scriptures for this year are

So I lived by these two scriptures and totally believed what they were saying. So earlier this year around mid January I was on +Instagram   late at night. I'm a night owl so it's normal for me to be up all times at night like I am now writing this blog. SO as I was scrolling all the way down the IG Feed I seen a post from +AJ CRIMSON saying that he was looking for makeup artists in Houston. Now LORD KNOWS I been hoping and praying that he would come to Houston one day because he's normally in LA or NY everywhere but Texas lol. So when I seen his IG post it's like the heavenly angels started to rejoice! I seen this spot light just shining on my computer screen to the post. Naw, I'm kiding about the spot light. But I did feel like this was for me and was my opportunity to make my move. This was the posting on his IG page. 

+AJ CRIMSON  was speaking to me when he said "I NEED YOU" I was like "You need me AJ? I'm on my way!" So the first thing I did I immediately and when I say immediately right after I read this I was hyperventilating out of excitement literally bouncing around like a ball I emailed him with my portfolio, resume and mini cover letter. THEEEEEN I shared this post with my makeup artist friends in my group MUA Chat Line 2. When you see a blessing you have to cover yourself first then think about others lol. I know that may sound selfish but I'm being real. I didn't know how many people signed up for this position and I be darn if I shared this to everyone and I didn't make the cut because someone I shared it with sent their information before me because I was too busy trying to get the word out. NOOOOO WAY! It wasn't going down like that. I couldn't miss my blessing so I moved on it first. Once I sent my email and shared with artists I prayed a prayer to God letting Him know this was the desires of my Heart and if it be his will please open this gate of opportunity for me. So then I posted a facebook post tagging +AJ CRIMSON  in my post and it was funny but I was dead serious and we laughed at that moment when we finally met.

Here is proof of my prayer....

I wasn't joking then guess what???? I got this email response from +AJ CRIMSON  of +Aj Crimson  himself!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! This was my face when I seen this email...

Pretty excited I was! Then I followed behind with this post to add to it...

I got some supportive friends on facebook. :D So yea y'all may think I was bit too extreme but HEY my extremeness worked!!! SHILOH!

I'm truly grateful for the opportunity y'all just don't know. And it was an humbling experience. I met some awesome people. Don't worry I have photos to share. This is only Part 1 of this blog. So be on the watch out. :)

I want to thank +Aj Crimson  for the opportunity, Michael Snow who is his agent and a very hard worker it was so awesome meeting you. +LeToya Luckett for offering her studio and letting us intrude in her space which she didn't have to do, +Kiyah Wright  and +Jamaal Buster! Awesome group of people to work with. So many opportunities came for me through this portal of blessing y'all just don't know what y'all did to me. I'm truly truly grateful. #TEARS

Well this is part 1 of the All Stars Weekend Experience with Aj Crimson and team...

OH YEA! How can I forget the team! OMG! I couldn't have picked a better group of ladies to work with!
Beauty By LerendaMei Ling +Denise Wedderburn and co-founder of The Makeup Lab Kisha Williams !!! Beautiful group of women, hard workers and talented.

This is Part 1 be on the look out for Part 2 of my experience.

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