SAKS FIFTH AVENUE: IOMA Skincare Launch Party

Apr 11, 2013

SAKS FIFTH AVENUE: IOMA Skincare Launch Party

It's a IOMA Paris Party at SAKS!!! WOOP WOOP!!!

I had the opportunity of a lifetime to join IOMA Paris Launch Party at SAKS inside Houston Galleria Mall! I am excited as a blogger to be sharing this experience and this secret with you all! Shhhhh don't tell anyone. This is between me and you! 

This would be my third appearance to IOMA and it was an honor to be a part of this function as a blogger and to interview different people and just to watch the turnout. There was a pretty nice crowd at this event and just as I was in awe of this skincare line I watched the faces and interaction of the crowd as they went through their demo session.

We even had music and these kids right here were GETTING IT IN!  I felt old because I wasn't getting down with them. Hmmmmm I wonder where the mother is at? Probably getting a consultation because they danced throughout the whole concert. It was so cute! 

And this lady was singing her butt off! And the saxophone player....TOP NOTCH! Great music accompanied with food and wine. SAKS was doing it big and showing everyone a good time that's for sure!

Kathy having a DEEP conversation with client! Got to love Customer Service!

I like to capture the experience of the clients!

It's a lot going on in this photo. Everyone is networking.

At this event I got the opportunity to learn more about what they have to offer and about the different technology. I will definitely be bringing my clients here to go through their consultations and will be using this line in my kit. I've never seen a skincare line like this. And the technology is so advance. I feel special that not only I got to experience this but I get to share something so special with my followers. Now we all tapped into the secret. 

At the end of the event we were sent with a nice package. 

Stay tuned for Part 3 of the IOMA Experience which is THE ULTIMATE REVIEW! At the beginning of May! 

For more information about IOMA PARIS check out their website to find the nearest IOMA in SAKS near you.

For more information check out the website
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Also you do not want to miss their tweets on Twitter. FOLLOW THEM at

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