Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Challenge

Jul 5, 2013

Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Challenge

Hello Family,

So I'm late in updating you but I started a challenge Monday July 1, 2013 for +Jillian Michaels #RippedIn30 and I'm so excited. This would not be my first time working out to this particular DVD. I attempted this challenge last month in June but June was so busy and I was moving around so much it was impossible to carry this DVD with me so I was forced to work out to other programs that was convenient at the time. But now I'm settled pretty much this month I'm starting fresh. So it's the 4th of July and I had the chance to sit down and create my first journal. So the first thing I went to was to to download the meal plan set to get my body ripped. So there was a generator that basically ask be about my current weight, my goal weight, height, and age. Then it took me to a more detailed profile about my body type and the type of foods I eat, if I had any health issues and etc. These things are important to know because I tell you Jillian Michaels is HARDCORE and you may have to get approval from your doctor if you have any health issues or you would have to do her exercises in moderation. So this is my Results!

Jillian Michaels
Jillian Michaels

I'm going to help you lose weight so you look and feel healthier!

"I've calculated where you are today, and where you want to be. Next, I'm going to help you get there. We can do this together. Ready?

173 lbs

Your Current Weight: 173 pounds

Your Current Activity Level: Active

Your Reasonable Weight: 129-163 lbs

Your Target Weight: 153 pounds

Activity Level: Active

Here's Your Customized Weight Loss Plan:
Based on your answers, here's my triple-threat plan for you. My online program makes weight-loss simple, with real solutions for people who want to lose weight and keep it off.


You're a Pear — but you can pare down!

Sweat Like all pears, you tend to store fat in your lower body, so you're probably carrying extra weight around your hips, buttocks, and thighs. Anyone can be a pear, but this shape is more common among women, and it actually evolved because fat stored in these areas aids in fertility and breast-feeding. It's an interesting fact — but I know as well as anyone that this type of fat is harder to lose.

Not to worry! I have exercises that will target your fat storage areas. My personalized program will help you alter your pear shape. But you got to get a grip — you can only win against genetics up to a certain point. Once you understand this, you can let go of unreachable goals and replace them with real ones.

I'll create your personalized exercise program based on the days you prefer to work out, the goals you set for yourself, and the exercises you enjoy. After all, if you enjoy your workout, it's easier to stick to.

I'll encourage you to:

Have fun aerobic dancing! Depending on intensity, you could burn 500 calories an hour. Use the elliptical trainer. This machine is great because it’s easy on your joints and it allows you to focus on different muscles. Maximize your session by using the movable handles. Jump rope. This is an excellent form of cardio that you can do anywhere. It will burn calories and tone your quads, hamstrings, and calves. Power walk. You can do it anywhere, and at 4 mph, you’ll be burning at least 250 calories an hour. Run indoors or out. All you need are good running shoes. And at 5 mph, you’ll burn over 400 calories an hour. Get on the stair stepper. You’ll burn calories and tone your hamstrings, glutes, and calves at the same time. De-stress with kickboxing! It’s more fun than regular aerobics, and it’s a great workout. I recommend doing it for at least 45 minutes.

Ready to start my diet and start losing weight?


You're a slow oxidizer.

Because you crave foods like fruit, bread, and crackers, you may be a slow oxidizer. This is the fancy term for your metabolic rate. It simply means that you burn through the nutrients in your food slowly and that energy production is therefore delayed. Fat and protein slow down your rate of oxidation and energy production even further. So to best serve your metabolism and feel energized both physically and mentally, you require foods with higher percentages of carbs. Your ideal meals and snacks should break down to a ratio of 60% carbs, 25% protein, and 15% fat.

But the bottom line is, you have to burn more calories than you take in. That's it. And to really do this successfully, you have to eat the ideal diet for your body and metabolism. Believe me — I've struggled with this myself. And I've done a lot of research and work to figure out my ideal diet. And now I want to share my findings with you. I have recipes and snacks that will help you eat better for your body type. And I have secrets and tricks to make it easier. (I didn't say "easy.")


My 7 steps to behavioral modification

Lots of so-called "experts" talk about willpower. Well, I say screw willpower — there's no such thing! Sure, we all have fleeting moments of bravado. But that virtue comes and goes. I'm going to teach you some basic techniques to change your habits and program yourself against failure!

You are going to have to do the work, though. I don't want to hear that you don't have the time. If that's your excuse, then get back to me when you're ready. I'll be here.

Ready? Okay, good. Let's make some changes together:

1. Avoid dangerous situations. STOP driving by the doughnut shop on your way to work. When you go out to dinner, ask the waiter not to bring bread to your table.

2. Get a hobby. Start taking your dog on longer walks. Fix up your attic. By focusing on positive activities, you'll find yourself becoming more relaxed, happier, and thinner!

3. Curb mindless eating. Don't eat while standing up, and don't skip meals. Brush your teeth after every meal and snack. Food never seems as appealing when you have that toothpaste taste in your mouth.

These life changes will help you lose weight and keep it off. To learn more about each one and to see the other four — sign up for my online program.

Now according to her results it said my reasonable weight is in between 129-163. Now I don't know where they get this range from but I'm 5'9 and 129 would be ANOREXIC! Especially for my height! I've been 140 a year ago and that was too small for my height especially the way I'm built. I guess this weight is for everybody other than african americans. So I'm putting myself in the range of 150-165, I think that's a nice size especially if I'm toning and building muscle mass. It's not too big neither too small.

I'm going to try to follow her meal plan to a T. I'm just using it as a template because somethings I may not eat but I will try to match it so I can get maximum results.

Now as far as foods I normally eat on a daily basis they didn't have much an option but I eat a lot of greenery but the closest thing was fruit, and breads. I'm not much of a bread eater but I eat tons of fruit. I do tend to eat more sugar than I should and I've been cutting back especially because I want to see results.

If you would like to download the meal plan click on the link below  

Here are my before photos. I lost 6 lbs coming from 178 now 173!!! PRAISE YOU JESUS! I'm getting closer and closer.

If you would like to join me on this journey let me know and tag me in your blog so I can keep up with your journey! #LEGGO #TURNUP

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