AJ Crimson Cream Foundation Review

Dec 3, 2013

AJ Crimson Cream Foundation Review

Well it's that time again! It's Review time and it's a privilege to share this awesome product with you all. It's LONG overdue. As you see in the topic it's obvious what this review is about +Aj Crimson  Cream Foundation As a makeup artist I feel it's important to share the wealth of information and to inform the beauty industry as well as the everyday women on what's out there other than MAC.

I'm no stranger to this brand and as a makeup artist I pride myself in researching the latest brands to share with my beauty industry. I fortunately learned of this brand last year and also had the opportunity to  work beside Aj Crimson when the product was freshly new for the All Stars Weekend in Houston at Letoya Luckett Studio. So I'm quite familiar of the product and fond of it. I am a fan of Cream foundations mainly because:
1. It takes on the form of skin IF done right
2. It's great for all skin types
3. Easy to manipulate and work with
4. It's GREAT for mature skin.

In my opinion no other form of foundations can top cream foundations! That's just my opinion though. +AJ CRIMSON foundation line I fell in love with IMMEDIATELY when I had the chance to test it for myself at The All Stars Weekend. I've tried quite a few of cream foundations and this has to be my favorite for several reasons. He has a more diverse product line. His foundations caters to African American skin tones which I love because it's hard to find foundations that match us dead on or at least near the family of our skin complexion. To demonstrate what I'm talking about I swatched my arm, and I swatched the shades on white paper for you to see the pigmentation. 



So as you can see +Aj Crimson foundations are extremely pigmented but what I love about it is it's not cakey like most creams could be and they blend as one as you seen in the photo right above this text.The best way I can describe it is it's like velvet it's smooth in texture, it glides on effortlessly and a little goes a LONG way.

I get asked a lot of questions about what's in the product and is it good for combination skin to oily skin. Most assume because it's cream it will make you oily but that is a myth. For one oil is the solution for oil. It cancels out the oil in your skin because one it's considered "good oil" which is different from the oil that your skin develops.

As far as the ingredients the ingredients weren't released however he has mentioned countless of time that one of the main ingredients in his cream foundations is "AVOCADO OIL". When he said that I nearly shouted and fainted because *in my Phaedra Parks voice* EVERBODY KNOOOOWS I love me some avocados!!!

Avocado oil contains a great amount of proteins and unsaturated fats which are a huge benefit for the skin. It contains omega-3 fatty acids the same fatty acids found in fish oil. It softens the skin, it contain antioxidants which protects from sun damage. Avocado Oil has so many benefits to the skin alone this is a great enough reason to invest in his products. 

Another reason I love his foundations is because they are so versatile. You can use it as a base, lip gloss, to fill in the brows, as lips... Here are some examples of how I use his foundation.

Property of Faith Haller

Property of Faith Haller

I use his foundations as blush to add warmth! I can rock a full face of makeup with just Aj Crimson foundations which is awesome to me as a makeup artist and for that everyday woman this is the best way to get use out of his foundations.

Some of my work using +AJ CRIMSON foundations.

Property of Faith Haller

Property of Faith Haller

Property of Faith Haller

Property of Faith Haller

Property of Faith Haller

  • #1 – A light ivory with warm undertones
  • #2 – A light beige
  • #3 – A light warm beige
  • #4- A golden honey
  • #5 – A deep almond with warm undertones
  • #6 – A deep cinnamon with red undertones
  • #7 – A rich warm walnut
  • #8 – A rich chocolate ebony

Here is a chart to find out your shade posted by Aj Crimson...



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