Jan 5, 2014


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I had the opportunity to cover the Nzuri Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show for 2013  and I enjoyed being part of Nzuri Bloggersphere for the most part! I met a lot of people and did a lot of interviews and networked so it would be hard for me to do one recap of the show so I will be breaking my experience into sections by doing reviews and I will do a recap video with the many captures and interviews I did. So this brings me to my first recap!!!  Uplifting, LLC. 

Uplifting, LLC was one of the vendors for the Nzuri Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show 2013. This visit inspired me so much and I instantly knew from first glance that I needed to do a blog topic on this because there are so many women out there that are clueless of their bra size and they swear up and down that they know their bra size. About 85% of women don't know their true bra size. Some women are self conscience about their breasts to the point either they desire to be larger or smaller so they either get bras too small for them or too large for them. Let's be real ladies your under garments can make or break your outfit and us being in denial is not helping. This is not my first time doing a topic on this subject but this is my first time doing a topic on bras.  Our bra should never be uncomfortable, they should never be too large, too small, or frumpy, There are certain things we as women should look for for the most part. Some are optional.

  1.  SUPPORT - This is the number one thing in my book! I mean if you don't have any support why even where a bra? I mean the point of wearing a bra is for support right?! RIGHT.
  2. COMFORT -  No woman should feel uncomfortable to the point she's in pain however you don't want a bra that's too loose either. 
  3. SIZE & FIT - In this case size does matter! The right size bra make a difference in how our clothes look and fit.
  4. FULL COVERAGE - Spillage is not sexy at all! For one you can see the malfunction through the clothes. Most women think full coverage means granny bra but not true. It just mean you want a bra that will hold your boobies and support them and cup them.
  5. FASHION (optional) - I don't care what anyone say If I'm going to get a bra I want to feel sexy in it also. Do what makes you feel better just make sure it fits right.

Now that I covered these things back to the review I go. A little history about Uplifting, LLC...

Mother & Daughter (Jaleesa Brown)

Jaleesa Brown established Uplifting, LLX in 2011. She seen the importance and need for larger cup size bras and felt that the market was underated and  that many women overlooked the importance of wearing their correct bra sizes. She was not satisfied with the limited variety, functionality, and attractiveness of the larger cup sized bras in the Houston area. So she established a company that caters to women like her.
Her vision is to provide women with large busts in the houston area with a greater variety of QUALITY bras and intimate apparel. No need to settle for any bra! Uplifting she says will 

"eliminate the common act of settling for a bra and replace it with the act of falling in love with a bra. Uplifting Experience will allow customers hidden and sometimes forgotten inner beauty and confidence to resurface."

I instantly connected with the owner because I could relate to the story without knowing the story. When I walked up to her and told her exactly what I wanted to blog about it meshed so well with what her company was about. The first thing I seen was "FREE BRA FITTINGS". 

So of course I wanted to know more about that and being that I'm top heavy I was looking for some new bras but I never thought I would run into anything like that there. Bras was the last thing on my mind at an natural hair event. But I think having this booth at that time and place was needed because I can't tell you how many women I seen at that event walking around with the wrong under bras me included! Most know I lost 55 lbs so with losing weight your body proportions change. I've been measure a few time through my lifetime as an adult. At that time I did get measured because going from 195 to 140 that's a drastic change so of course I had to get measured because I wasn't going to try to figure out what size my breast were. I was still in the D's but I went down a couple of cups. However I picked up some lbs and my breast size increased back so since then I haven't been measured so I've been wearing bras based on how I felt in them which is not necessarily the most accurate way of measuring the size of your breasts. I knew I was looking for the support, the feel, appearance and more and for one minute they would have the support I need then after a month of wearing the same bra I would lose the support almost like the elasticity of the bra was gone and that could be because of the way I took care of my bras.  SO I probably had the right size just didn't care for them properly. I thought this was the best time to find out my true size. 

I was told that I was a 34 E which is equivalent to a DD. IMAGINE THE SHOCK!  I knew I was in the D family because I've always been in the D family and back when I was 195 I was in the DD but I was trying to figure out what puts a person at E? Is it because DD doesn't exist at your company? That woke me up. So the owner allowed me to try on some bras. I told her what I was looking for and didn't want. One thing I dislike is under-wires. The good thing none of the bras she had at the show had under-wires. I despise white bras however I decided to try a white lace bra and a black bra that had a double strap going across my bust. Both were full coverage bras but they were sexy as heck I must say! SO the bras I tried on I told her I would purchase because I can't wrap my mind around wearing a bra someone else worn. That's like wearing the same panties to me.

SO I want to share a few photos. Hope you enjoy! 

This is why it's important to go get fitted for a bra. You may have a fitted tee like mines. You want to make sure you can't see the lining of your bra. Not that I really have spillage or anything but the lining of the bra is not sexy at all. And it sends out the wrong message. 

These are the two bras I purchased from the owner. I absolutely love them. They're both full coverage bras and they both fit perfectly! I wear the black more than the white however I love them both. I have to be a bit more careful with the white being that it's lace and the color. You can see it through clothes more.

It was great to see woman stopping by the vendor booth to get fitted for a bra. It does make a huge difference in how your clothes fit.

For more information check out their website UPLIFTING-BRAS.COM

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