Feb 9, 2014


I recently purchased NYX The Curve Liquid Eyeliner. I've had my eye on it for a while now but never invested my $6.00 into it.

I have to say this was a pretty good investment and probably one of the best liquid eyeliners I've tried. And trust I've tried many as a makeup artist. 

This ergonomic shape liquid eyeliner ensures that your hands are steady as you apply your liner. To ensure a steady hold your index finger and thumb will grip the gripper of the liner following the curve of the design. It fits perfectly between the fingers which will allow you to create a perfect line. I have no problem with applying liner. It's almost a breeze for me because I practiced a lot and you know what they say "Practice Makes Perfect". Normally depending on the look I normally start with the tail then wing inward but this eyeliner allows you to follow the flow of your eye.

NYX The Curve 003

NYX The Curve 005

The felt tip makes it easy for a novest to get close to the lash line with precision which is not easy with many liquid liners unless you've had much practice.

What I also love is this is a true jet black liner. It's very pigmented for a liquid liner. I tend to use gels and cream liner because of the pigmentation and it's not messy but this liner is far from messy because of the  design.

What are your thoughts on this product? Have you tried it? If not you may want to hop on the bandwagon. I don't hop on too many bandwagons but this band wagon here is worth it!

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