Faith Haller:Nzuri Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show Beauties

Sep 16, 2014

Faith Haller:Nzuri Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show Beauties

So call me crazy but I am a hair stalker! I tend to follow the hair and will stop the person based on their hair and ask to snap photos. So I wanted to share some snap shots of some of the ladies I seen randomly at the show that I was inspired by and had the guts to stop.

This brings me to the first beauty. It's funny how I ran into her. I seen this beautiful dark chocolate woman with GORGEOUS fluffy afro and this SEXY cat outfit I called it.. I only seen her profile from the side and her hair.  So I followed her afro to the food court. Now mind you I did not know this was Karen of +karensbodybeautiful . I just stopped her merely because I wanted to take a picture of her hair. And that's when she told me she had a booth and I still didn't catch on to who she was until I walked over to her booth and my jaw dropped. I felt so slow lol. She was so kind. I loved her hair and glad I had the opportunity to meet her in person!  (Review coming soon on her products I purchased). Follow her on her social sites.

Celeste is another beauty I ran into at the show. I was drawn to that spicey shade in her curly locs. It's definitely a HOT color and I believe it gave her hair some edge. To see more of her work and creations. She invited me to an after social party but unfortunately I wasn't able to make it. check out her website and follow her on all her social sites. 


I met some pretty awesome people some I knew and some I didn't know. 

I loved the different shades in her hair and had to snap a photo of her.

 I was so intriqued with this lady hair and asked her how she achieved this look. Apparently these are tight curly locs I like to call them. They are gorgeous!

It was great to see these ladies. I know them very well and each swore up and down they would NEVER be natural but look at them now. Aren't they gorgeous.

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