Oct 28, 2014


A couple weeks ago +Obi Grant  hosted a Meet & Greet at the open house of his new studio +100mm Studios . I decided to stop by since I'm only down the street to support my fellow artist. This was a Open House for local photographers, videographers, cinematographers, models, makeup artists and all creative artists. A opportunity to visit and see the new studio that is available for rental and a opportunity to network, catch up and meet new people. 

Snacks were provided. We enjoyed the taste of barrel-aged spirits and cocktails provided by +Deep South Barrels . 

Also the best part to me besides the network was the Photobooth Mini that was provided by +100mm Studios. I was getting photo happy! I wanted to carry that off with me but I left it there because it was  bigger than my car and a bit harder to camouflage. **side joke**  I think it's actually a great option for those that do outfits of the days and face of the days. It comes with a flash and it beats having to bring your own camera and lighting to a event.

So what are the benefits of this studio? You know what I'm going to say right.....?

DANG SKIPPY! The PREP station! I loved everything about it! The high chairs, the double lighted vanity. PERFECT for a artist like me! 

There are other features to this studio that you would love!

Studio Cyclorama: This is a white wall that is 10ft high and spans across two walls measuring 13 ft wide on the left and 19 ft wide on the right. The cyc is the best way to ensure a seamless wrinkle free background while on set. BRILLIANT! When I seen this wall I thought it was a paper back-drop that was brilliantly smoothed out but after scoping it now now I know. BRILLIANT feature!  

Studio Meeting Area: As a Interior Designer I can appreciate the creativity in the design of this studio. One of the best looking studios I've ever seen. Below this is the meeting area. I love the lighting and the placement of the photos and simplicity of the furniture. The right amount of greenery against the wood or laminate floors. 

Natural Light Diffusion Bay: One of the best features for a photographer/videographer is the studio bay door that is equipped with a retractable diffusion panel which softens the natural light that enters the studio through the bay door area.

Vehicle Access:

You all will love this feature! Not only are you getting the natural light into the studio, but the bay door allows access for small or large vehicles that can be moved onto the studio. The bay door is said to measure 12ft wide and 10 ft. high.

LAST is the Wall Mounted Back Drops: There are several wall-mounted "seamless" paper backdrops available in a wide selection of colors. Also available is a paintable faux brick wall that can be positioned anywhere within the studio. 

However when I was there I seen this dark distressed wood like paneled wall maybe the faux brick is a two-sided wall. So perhaps it can be moved also but I loved the look it gave to the space.  We actually took photos in front of it. It gave the space a contemporary modern meets rustic look.

Here are some of the photos I was able to capture at the Open House mixed with photos from the Photobooth. ENJOY!


  1. Great post! I'm glad to know there is a local studio for our use as makeup artists. I'll definitely keep this place in mind



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