Nov 12, 2014


Had the opportunity to cover the WE LOVE FASHION event that was held at +Uptown Post Oak Luxury Apartments and hosted by our very own Houston Fashion Bloggers Madeline PenraLisa Dawn, & Jillian Willliams who were also the panelist for the #WeLoveFashion Event.

First off let's talk about this space. I have a background in Interior Design so I can appreciate a nice set up. I absolutely love this space, very intimate and has a lounge feel.

Here is the space where the event was held it. 

At the We Love Fashion event each fashion panelist showcased their Fall Fashion Trends sponsored by Azuz Boutique. Azuz is located in the heart of Rice Village and provides unique, fun, funky and fashion forward apparel and accessories for women who desires to stand out from the crowd.  

First up was Madeline she showcased some of her top Fall pieces from Azuz Boutique. Madeline is a PR/Marketing/Advertising Maven. Not surprised at all! Why? She has one of the most BLUBBLIEST spirits and her pieces showcased that. Although simple each statement piece had some type of edge to it.

Close up of zipper detail

I love the little details of the zipper.

My favorite outfit from Madeline's collection picks.

 This piece is great for a corporate cocktail night or a traditional corporate event. Not too flashy. It shows skin in an appropriate way. And the color blocking scheme is still fashionable but corporate friendly.

Next up was Lisa our Lawyer by day and Fashionista by night. Well she's a fashionista PERIOD! Lisa had one of my favorite pieces. She showcased functional pieces that can transition from day to night. Because she works in a law firm a traditional one at that she can't be as fashion forward as she would like. So she presented functional chic pieces that she loved.  She has a chic style.

Lisa showcasing the vest and how it could be worn in different ways.

One thing I loved about Lisa picks are the jumpers! Like her I am a SUCKER for jumpers!!! I love a one piecer. Black is a great shade it's appropriate for any environment, it's slimming also and can be dressed up EASILY.

Last we have our Fashion Stylist Jillian who showcased funky/ edgy unique pieces that would automatically make you stand out. Jillian chose some great pieces that I loved also. She was not playing with these pieces. I got the Tina Turner meets, Little House On The Prairie meets Cowboy nation meets Lion King & Biker Boy feel from her collection. YAAAAAASSSSS I LOVE IT!

I get very aggressive when I see this tigress piece.


Tina Turner meets Lion King! That's a MEEEAN combination! LOVE IT!

I'm feeling really COWGIRL EDGY!

Leather pants will make a girl feel like she's on top of the world!

One thing I noticed about many of Jillian piece is each of her pieces create a form of illusion of curves and it slims you and camouflages. That I love!

Each Panelist did a WONDERFUL job! They all brought a different perspective on the fall trends and represented for all the FASHIONISTAS. I enjoyed being a part of it. Of course being in the industry makeup is also important so as I was looking at the outfits I was thinking about the makeup fall trends.

So I represented and brought in my fall lip from the new +Magnolia Makeup  Ultra Matte collection in Matador which is my favorite shade by them! #SelfieNation

We enjoyed Bites, Wine, Tea & Water was provided by Uptown Post Oak Luxury Apartments.

Oh let's not forget the raffle! At the beginning of the WE LOVE FASHION event we had the opportunity to enter to win two items sponsored by Azuz. 

One of the attendees won the bag that I wanted. :( But it's all good! My motto is "When you win, I win...JUST LIKE THAT!"

And our very own Houston Fashion Blogger/Intern won a gift bag of great goodies!

Congrats to the winners of the raffle give away!

Here are some EXTRAS from the WE LOVE FASHION event!

Madeline giving away the last giveaway.

The three beautiful amigas fashionistas sporting apparel from AZUZ Boutique!

Madeline being the fashionista she is sporting her metallic tattoo.

Selfie #2

#Usies #1

#Usies #2

 Check out the shoe game on our panelist!

Another Usie!

Lisa sporting this awesome lace bottom red leopard pencil skirt.

You will see I got a bit Selfie Happy!

Would like to thank the hostess for this educating but yet inspiring event! And thank you to Houston Fashion Bloggers for the many opportunities!

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