Jan 24, 2015


DISCLAIMER: I received these products complimentary to test and review. As always all opinions are honest and true and I am not being paid for this.

Hello family so in December of 2014 I was sent the #FrostyVoxBox to share and review these products. I was so excited about this voxbox and excited to share my thoughts with you all as always.

So I received...

No7 Protect & Perfect Advance Sachet which retails for $22.99. According to what the package says. This clinically proven serum is even more effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines for younger looking skin in just two weeks.

Because I was sent only small sample package I had to be wise of how I used it. I do have tiny fine lines under my lower lash line. Not noticeable to the naked eye but with a magnify glass it can be seen. I honestly can't give you a thorough review of this product because I was only sent a sample package which was not enough in my opinion. Normally it takes me a bit longer to review a skincare product and would require a bit more product to see results. However I can talk about the ingredients and the benefits of it. You all should know me by now! I love getting into the ingredients. Obviously this is a silicone base serum. How do I know? Because of the texture.


DIMETHICONE: Is a silicone base. Most anti-aging product has silicone to it which gives the product not only that slip texture but a smooth finish. It helps the product glide easily which is extremely important when dealing with delicate areas like the eyes and under the eyes. 

WATER: AQUA Water is the most important thing for skin hydration. And the best remedy for dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

DIMETHICONE CROSSPOLYMER: is used as thickner.

BUTYLENE GLYCOL: Butylene is a preservative used to prevent products from spoiling.

GLYCERIN: I talk about glycerin all the time being one of my staples. Glycerin is an humectant form that retains moisture. Which is why outside of the water and the silicone in this product your skin feels hydrated.

These are the main ingredients that are important with this anti-aging product. There are more but they are of no importance to me.

So will this work? Possibly! With a great regiment and repetition you will most likely see a difference in your skin because these do contain the ingredients needed for fine lines but I will never know until I invest into a full bottle.

Have your tried this product? Follow them on Facebook,  Twitter & Instagram #GetAdvanced #BootsNo7

NYC Expert Last Lip Color In Sugar Plum:

I did have a chance to try out the sugar plum the next day after receiving the box. I'm not much into frosty shades but I will say this is a decent shade that is also pigmented. When applied it does show up almost as a gloss finish so I was able to tolerate it. For that everyday woman I think this is something that the everyday woman may like and it's affordable. It retails at $1.99

The only downfall is the packaging. The top has come off so many times messing up the lipstick so I had to depot it. But as a makeup artist depotting is easy for me but for the everyday woman I think NYC should consider a new packaging. But I guess you get what you pay for. Outside of the packaging it is decent. Would I purchase again for myself probably not for myself but as a gift to someone I would get it and probably depot it for them.

You can find them on Facebook Twitter & Instagram #SugarPlum #nycnewyorkcolor

Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane:

What More Can I Say???? Well I can definitely say more. It took me a while to get to this tea to try it. I love green tea but decaf I never been a fan of. Then outside the package I could smell the scent of green tea, peppermint, and cinnamon which I thought was a odd combo.... BUT BAAAAAABAAAAAY let me tell you this had to be one of the best tea I've EVER put in my mouth and I am a tea drinker. 

According the Celestial Seasonings this tea is made with Green Tea Leaves, peppermint and other botanicals 

That stuff in that cup got me WIRED! And it's a great aroma scent for the room. Would I purchase this again? HELL YEA! In fact I'm going to look for it this weekend. Unfortunately I don't know what this retails for because it wasn't given to me but you can find this brand in places like Fiesta, Target, Walmart.

They are on Facebook Twitter Instagram if you tried anything from their brand #CelestialTea


This brush retails at $10.99 and according to eco tools is designed with unique feature that leaves your hair and head happy and healthy. This brush is suppose to volumize, tame, shape and dry your hair 20% faster because of the vents throughout the brush. 

I just love this brush. I'm natural and haven't had the opportunity to use it on my natural hair however I've been using it religiously on my hats (wigs) and my babies love this brush. One thing I love bout these bristles which I believe my natural hair will appreciate is it doesn't snag at the hair which is extremely important to me. I don't think I would ever spend more that $6 on a brush and even that is steep but I'm thankful for this addition to my beauty closet. I'll give more updates on this brush once i try on my natural wet hair.



What are your thoughts on this brush? Have your tried it? Do you want to try it? Share your experience on their Facebook, Twitter Instagram and #LoveMyEcoHairBrush


I am quite familiar with Rimmel Londons product this eye remover being one of them. This remover retails at $7.49 it is said to be a remover that gently removes all eye makeup including longlasting waterproof formulas with no oily residue.

Ok my thoughts REMEMBER I've tried this before so I really didn't have to try this again however I wanted to see if the formula changed since then and it hasn't. Personally this is not the best remover and for it to be $7.49 I think it is indeed overpriced. I had the scandal eyes kohl pencil on and it took a quarter of the bottle just to clean one eye which is not a good thing for something that claims to remove even long lasting water proof formulas. Yes it can remove it but I guarantee you you will use up a bulk of your bottle trying to get the eye makeup off. Then you want to know the worst part after all that you will still have residue left over. I think the formula is too light. As a makeup artist I work with so many formulas different brands and etc and this is something I would not carry in my kit because I would just be wasting time and money. MOVING ON. I won't even give my last verdict on this.


Ok all Rimmel London products are not bad. This pencil I've also tried times and times before and is a staple in my vanity and my makeup kit. YAY FOR RIMMEL LONDON! This pencil retails at $4.49 and is a pigmented kohl pencil that gives instant impact. This is an ultra smooth and creamy formula that glides easily along the eye which is extremely important because the eye is fragile.

Here are some swatch

And here are some looks I created recently with this pencil. I've done some dramatic eye looks and I've lightly coated my lash line with this pencil and smudging to create my smokey looks. Also because of it's consistency it works great as a base under your shadows.

I really love this liner and will continue to purchase them. Have you tried this liner? What are your thoughts? Share your photos on their Facebook, Twitter They're also on Instagram #Rimmel and also share your thoughts with me #onlinewithfaith +Online with Faith  

McCormick Gourmet Thyme:

Great for the holiday seasons Thyme is one of those minty flavors that's great for roasted potatoes,  roasted chicken turkey, stuffings  and more. This retails at $4.79.

I'm quite familiar with this season. As a cooker and basically my whole family cook mainly my father he used this often. I used this recently on one of my lunches.

If you have tried this brand and love thyme follow them on Facebook and hashtag your photos using thyme to #McCormickGourmet


Ok let me keep it real with you all on this. I ate these soooo fast I couldn't even get a separate photo of them so I had to get a photo from google just to show you all how they look. I'M SO SORRY BUT I'M NOT SORRY! These are tasty bites that has the texture of twizzlers and ALMOST a similar look but they are bites but taste SO MUCH BETTER. 
For those that never seen twizzlers.

Very light and if you are having a sweet tooth these are perfect because they are natural and are low fat and made with "NO PRESERVATIVES". They are available in 2 flavors strawberry and cherry.

 I was able to try the strawberry. They are also available in 3 sizes a 2 oz single serve, a 5 oz hanging bag and a 10 oz resealable bag. These can be found at Walmart, Krogers, Target, Safeway & Riteaid. They retail for $1.28-1.79

For more information check them out on Facebook, Twitter and if you have tried these bites hashtag at #SweetSide 

My Overall impression:

I have very little complaints on this box. The one I had I expressed during the review. Nothing against Influenster itself. I'm grateful for this opportunity to review these products and brands. Thank you all for considering me constantly! For the most part this was a nice box filled with full sized products from most of the brands and somethings I can truly say I use either often of I would purchase again after trying for the first time. My FAVS hands down would have to be Rimmel Londons Scandal Eyes Kohl Pencil, EcoTools hairbrush, Red Vines Bites, and McCormick thyme. 

If you would like a opportunity to be a part of INFLUENSTER & interested in receiving a box like this be sure to sign up for Influenster and connect your social sites! Also consider making a blog, youtube, & pinterest. I won't be able to tell you WHEN you will receive your first box but make sure you check your emails OFTEN because they will let you know by email if you are selected.

If you tried this Frosty Voxbox what are your thoughts? Leave them below in the comments section.


  1. Wow, I need to get back on my influenster voxboxes!

    Live Life in Style

  2. Yes Shalanda. I've had quite a few boxes last year. They constantly send them to me and I of course accept them.

  3. That box has lots of variety! Love how you break down each item and give your review. That Rimmel London Eye pencil looks like something I'll probably snag when I see it! Thanks for sharing! x

  4. Thank you Tiffany! You will love that pencil once you try it!



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