WHAT I WORE: Leopard Print MAXI Dress

Mar 23, 2015

WHAT I WORE: Leopard Print MAXI Dress

I don't do too many WHAT I WORE type of posts because although fashion is an interest for me it's not much of an interest to post about. BUT I want to share a boutique that I've been networking with. I've done projects and campaigns with this young lady as a makeup artist. A few weeks ago I was invited to the soft opening of her new location boutique Holy Ghost Girl Boutique

Olivia Specks is the founder of Holy Ghost Girl Boutique which is a small boutique established in 2005  where she believes in giving you fashion with substance! Holy Ghost Girl Boutique offers trendy, fashion-driven and modest women apparel for all seasons, shoes, accessories and handbags Specializing in sizes 0-28. 

Because it was a soft opening I didn't want to expose the whole boutique. I will be going to the grand opening so I'll be able to give you more inside footages, interviews and more. But wanted to share some pieces and some of my fav picks! I also had a chance to put my skill to work as a Fashion Merchandiser Specialist at the soft opening and she was so open to me changing some things in her boutique to make it visually stand out.

As I always say it's not always about the money to me but I enjoy helping others live within their purpose and if God puts it in my heart I will lend a helping hand. So here are some before & afters.

I had so much fun working within another one of my passions and she loved it and that's what mattered. I think the arrangement now show cases her clothes better. Although it was a small area I maximized the space . I also created a neutral side with a slight pop of pattern and color. And on the colorful side I broke up all the color in with bold patterns. I think now you're able to see what is there and it just pops out more. 

Now moving on I also had the chance to try on some clothes from her boutique that I ABSOLUTELY loved. Normally when I cover events at boutiques I won't try on clothes but I was compelled because I am a MAXI DRESS Girl! 

This leopard print was giving me ABUNDANT LIFE!

The owner & I

Another maxi dress I loved! I loved these dresses so much I purchased them. Their price point are $48/each I believe.

I was able to capture a few images of other attendees...

Here is my sister with one of Holy Ghost Girls Jackets. She thought she wouldn't be able to fit it but I encourage her to try it. Look at how beautiful she looks!

Olivia doing what she does best.

One of the attendees trying on a piece from the #HGGBoutiqueCollection I love this casual look on her.

I fell in love with this dress which is the same style as the leopard print but my sis got this dress. But I'm thinking about still getting this dress!

Close up of the necklace piece

LOVE this! SO unique and colorful!

So now for the WHAT I WORE POST!

Last week my sister & I had the opportunity to be a part of Pastor Chris Hartwell 25th Anniversary of Pastoring & Teaching and what a great time and place to sport my newest outfit!

Sis & I wearing pieces from the #HGGBoutiqueCollection

For more information on this boutique check out there website 

They also have a new location off of Stella Link. It's not open to the public yet but is only appointment based until the grand opening. 10114 Stella Link Suite C, Houston Texas, 77025


  1. Love and need that leopard dress . The floral one is amazing as well

  2. It definitely needed your touch. Great merchandising lady!



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