Jul 31, 2015 | WHAT'S IN MY BAG

I'm normally the person that carries the oversized Mary Poppins bags, And I'm telling you I have everything in there to survive! But this time I decided to pack something 10 times smaller so I have to strategically analyze and find out what's more important to me. 

This is my summer edition of what's in my bag. When I think of summer I think of sunscreen, I think of products that cools and hydrates, I think of products that control perspiration,  I think of products that give you that sunkissed look.  It's so many things that cross my mind. So when I pack I determine my needs and desires.

Some of the main things that make it into my bag are:
  •  Wallet is automatic!  That is a must.
  •  Deodorant 
  •  lotion or cream with sunscreen in it.  (Need protection and moisture)
  •  Perfume or Body Spray (Whatever scent I am wearing for that day is normally with me throughout the day to refresh myself.
  •  For the most part what ever lip color I'm wearing and etc is in the bag. So these are some of the main thing I think about.

Today's Summer Edition: What's In My Bag

1. My Wallet - I have a wallet that protect the contents within but it also protects my information from being stolen by hackers.
2. +itcosmetics  HELLO LIGHT® ANTI-AGING LUMINIZING CRÈME STICK - This is my go to luminizing stick. I's not glittery or shimmery. It gives you that glow from within. That healthy glow. I carry this with me EVERYDAY!
3. +NARS Cosmetics  Dual Intensity Blush in Jubilation - This gives the perfect sunkissed bronzy glow. I love it for eyeshadow and certain areas of my face.
4. My favorite Scent VERSACE EROS
5. NIVEA CREME - Sometimes I need something a bit more HEAVY DUTY. I like to use this creme to lock in the moisture  Especially at night time.
6. NIVEA SMOOTH SENSATION Hand & Body Lotion- I keep this lotion because I have the driest cuticles and hands. This lotion INSTANTLY moisturizes. 
7. +itcosmetics My Sculpting Palette - There are plenty of times where I'm bare face or I have a full day of projects and events. So having this sculpting kit helps me. I've created smokey eyes and I'm able to add definition to my face. This has definitely saved my life and is a staple.
8.  TRIM All Purpose Nail Kit - You never know when you may need this kit. I'm a makeup artist and wear lashes so having a set of tweezers is life saving because you never know when you need to either reapply. or you may have a chipped nail or a splinter. This is definitely worth carrying.
9. Lady Speed Stick Deodorant - I can not go anywhere without my deodorant!!! Let's face it sometimes we are in a rush and forget to put on our deodorant. I do that sometimes. So having it in my purse secures me. 
10. +NYX Cosmetics  Mascara - I wouldn't call this my go to mascara because it's not but when I need a more affordable alternative so I won't use up my favorites this is something I use and it is a very decent mascara when used right.
11. LA Girls Matte Pigment Gloss - This is an affordable alternative to Magnolia Makeup although it's not as pigmented I love it for church. It's matte but it has that perfect pigment for church.
12.  +Anastasia Beverly Hills  Clear Brow Gel - This GEL will keep them brows in tact. Many times I will not invest time into my brows or many times I'm bare face. So when going out I like to groom my brows with this product. It tames them and keep them fresh.
13. +Magnolia Makeup Ultra Matte Liquid Lip (Kitten) - It's no secret that Magnolia Makeup is one of my favorite brands. I support them till I'm 6 feet under. Their Ultra Matte Collection is the BOMB.COM and Kitten which is one of the main reds you will see me in is a go to and I keep it in my makeup bag in my purse DAILY
14. +itcosmetics  CC+ Lip Serum (LOVE)  - This stuff right here is my go to. I carry it daily with me. It not only soothes and treat the lips but it has a nice pinkish nude pigment to it. I feel the LOVE when I wear this product.


Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets - I like to use these to blot off oils vs using a pressed translucent powder to touch up or a pressed foundation to touch up. I think that's the worse thing you could do because not only are you transferring grime, oil, bacteria and all that back to your product but you are also clogging your face up because you're not removing the residue you're just adding on to the residue which will cause your makeup to look a mess.  So this is my alternative and it works!

This is it for this Edition! If you're interested in seeing more of these (because as I said my purse changes and the contents within changes per day based on my needs and wants but some of these are pretty standard) comment below.


  1. Great items to have in your bag! You just gave me some ideas! xo, Nicole

  2. What a fun post! It's always great to see the essential items in every day life for other people, and a great way to share your favorite things!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Eva! I agree, I love seeing what others consider an essential!

  3. I'm so impressed! There tends to be no rhyme or reason behind the things lurking in my bag - so I've taken some notes! :)

    1. LOL in my larger bags I can say the same thing. Smaller bags keeps me a lot more organized and it helps me think before I put just anything in there. Thank you for stopping by Jo-Anne!

  4. You're more prepared than I am! LOL :) I have the same deodorant too!

    1. I try to be Heather LOL. This is probably the most organized my purse has ever been and it's great when I can find my deodorant in my purse because it's so small. It's my favorite brand for now.



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