Summer Skin Care: Flawless Skin For The Weekend

Aug 3, 2015

Summer Skin Care: Flawless Skin For The Weekend

We are in the peak of summer and I'm always finding ways to not only keep my skin protected but keeping my skin healthy and luminous. I love a healthy glow.

It's no secret that I'm am a skincare beauty addict. I'm always looking or the next best thing that will provide me with summer ready skin. Some of the key factors I look for when investing in skincare product is:
  • Products that will brighten my skin. Not a skin lightener but a product that removes the dullness from the skin and brings life back to the skin
  • I look for products that will totally remove my makeup
  • I look for anti-aging serums
  • I look for cleansers that won't fully strip the skin,
  • I look for great exfoliate products whether it be tools or products.
  • I look for great toners and mineral water for my skin to boost hydration and provide my skin with the minerals and vitamins it needs.
  • And I look for a great moisturizer.
So I decided to switch up my routine a bit. Many know that I've been reviewing the Foreo Luna and I absolutely love it however I wanted to put my clarisonic to the test. (This is no review of the clarisonic) 

(1) First thing I used is the Sephora brand  2- in 1 waterproof eye makeup remover gel. As it said this is a gel formula remover. It removes the toughest makeup. I know this is a eye remover but all that just means is it's formulated to use in the eye area where it won't irritate the eye. I use it all over my face also. 
(2) I go in with my clarisonic cleansing gel and my clarisonic to cleanse my skin. What I love about gel formula cleansers is it doesn't strip the skin and it removes the build up and it's not an oily cleanser. 

  • The Clarisonic is definitely a lot more abrasive then my foreo luna. I feel it get's to the root of the dirt and removes the grime and removes the dead skin cell.

(3) Neutrogena On-The Spot Acne Treatment has become a fav of mines to tackle those annoying zits and zap them away. If you would like to see a review of this product check out my recent post on this product. Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment Review
(4) I'm also loving the +Sephora brand Super Regenerating oil-serum. This is my serum I use when I don't want to use up my go to serum. So this is just my back-up. This serum I feel revives my skin and gets rid of that dullness instantly
(5) I am in love with all of +Clarins skincare products and their active day moisturizer is a go to day time moisturizer. Instantly boost moisture and keep my skin hydrated. 

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