Julia Cooks Organic Recap :Green Eating For Glowing Skin

Aug 19, 2015

Julia Cooks Organic Recap :Green Eating For Glowing Skin

On my way home from Dallas a friend and I had the opportunity to stop by to an event hosted at +Lamik Beauty  by Julia Cooks Organic where she discussed what foods to eat and she shared recipes for healthy skin. The color of the season was red so the food was inspired by the color red.


I don't want to spill the beans because I will be interviewing this lady but she has an incredibly AMAZING story behind her brand. This woman was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) paralyzed from the neck down. But not only that but at the time During the last part of October 2013 she lost her eyesight. while going through all of this she picked up 50lbs rapidly because she was bed ridden and had loss of muscle movement. I'm pretty sure with all of this going on not only did it effect her physically but it effected her mentally to the point she became depressed. What made her turn her life around she and her sister took that step by taking the 30 Day Detox Clinic where she only ate organic foods and organic juicing. At that moment her life changed and took a turn for the better. This lifestyle not only reversed her eyesight but it reversed the disease she was diagnosed with. AMAZING RIGHT! Only God! She is definitely a walking miracle. I've seen some incredible miracles in my life of living so when she told me that I did not question it one bit. 

As I mentioned the color of the season is red so Julia implemented red into her seasonal salad. 

It's definitely not your typical salad. This is a SUPER SALAD! What's in it is BEETS, FETA CHEESE, GOAT CHEESE, MANDARINE ORANGE, PURPLE ONIONS, WALNUTS, CHOPPED FINNEL , GREEN ONION and her special homemade vinaigrette.
The good thing about this many of these ingredients can be juiced. Example, beets, finnel, mandarine orange, walnuts you can add spinach.

BEETS are high in antioxidants. Good for blood development, and loaded with detoxers which can spike your energy levels.

She also mentioned "OIL PULLING". Oil Pulling is an ancient Indian technique for dental purposes that involves swishing a tablespoon of cold pressed oil in your mouth on an empty stomach for about 15- 20 minutes. Normally suggested to do early in the morning when you wake up. This technique draws out the toxins in your body, it whitens your teeth, make your breath fresher then any mouthwash ever will, it removes harmful bacteria from the mouth and body,  and it improves your overall health. So yes this is a replacement for your mouthwash. Basically the way it works is by swishing the oil around your mouth the bacteria that's in your mouth get removed with the oil and dissolved. Each time you do this you are removing more and more plaque and bacteria.

You can use any oil with this but coconut oil is preferred because of it's health benefits. When my father was battling with a deadly disease similar to arthritis but it's a disease that runs in the blood stream and veins called vasculitis it was recommended he take a tablespoon of coconut oil DAILY. The Lauric Acid also known as a fatty acid in coconut is proven to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi, inflammation and more. It's great for acne treatments

So how does all of this relate to the skin??? Everything we eat effects the skin for the better or for the worst. We can revert a lot of things through the key things mentioned above.

I learned so much from this event and will be implementing this into my daily lifestyle. She has this every month so I'll keep you all posted on her next event. Also not only does she offer food services but she also offer skincare products 

The 30 Day Detox Clinic Challenge includes:

  • Organic Foods
  • Drinking Alkaline Water
  • Series of Colonics
  • Foot Detoxes
  • Detox Tea
  • Exercise
  • Raw Eating
  • Juice Fasting
  • Daily Affirmations

For more information about Julia check out her website

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  1. I've heard about oil pulling but this is the first time I've heard it explained this way! I'm doing the 21 Day Fix starting September 1st and I think I might try oil pulling as well! Thanks for sharing your experience at the event and the additional info! -Tracie #htxaab

    1. Thank you for stopping by Tracie! Are you going to be writing about your 21 Day Fix Challenge?



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