Sunday Look of The Day

Aug 25, 2015

Sunday Look of The Day

On Sundays this is probably one of the days IF I feel like it that I like to get decked out. For the most part I keep my looks very neutral and sometimes minimal. But today I went all out but of course I kept my look neutral. 

I started with a pin-up style. This technique helps in reviving the hair or as I call them "hats". It's very classic and elegant. This is one of my signature hairstyles and it's quick and easy.

I then decided to take my hair down. The pinup added some nice waves and texture to the hair. And it also added volume to the hair.

My face of the day was very simple drawing more attention to the eyes. So I decided to wear soame eyeshadow which is very appropriate for church and simple enough for the everyday woman to use and I played on the eyes adding lashes and a little liner which will take the look from simple to glamour. I challenge you to either add liner and mascara or eyelashes to your look. It does make a world of a difference.


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          NYX Eyebrow Gel             CLARINS Lip Comfort Oil     Black Opal Tawny Tease Eyeshadow

INGLOT eyeliner gel                             I ENVY BY KISS SUPER FLEX eyelash adhesive

             KARA EYELASHES

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