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Sep 15, 2015 | Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers

Hey guys so I know it's been a while but I'm excited to be back! I been crazy busy at my new job but now I found a balance I can commit to my blog and my job! I was recently nominated by a fellow blogger and friend Tiffany Martinez of Tcholes World Blog (Check her out) for the Sister of the World Bloggers award. Tiffany has inspired me as not only a successful beauty blogger, & photographer but also as a youtube vlogger. She is truly THEBOMB.COM and so kid! Thanks Tiffany for the nomination that was so kind of you. 

Q&A Interview
1) What made you start vlogging/blogging?
Honestly it started naturally. I'll try to make this story short LOL. I studied Interior Design at The Art Institute of Houston so I've always had a love and passion for the arts. I love to paint and draw so when I left and graduated I automatically found an immediate passion for makeup. My canvas changed to the human face. So anyway to make the long story short when i realized makeup was for me I immediately started blogging and doing reviews of products that I personally love at the same time while I was training as a makeup artist.  So that was my start .

2) Do you have a passion outside of blogging/vlogging?

Yea of course and that is MAKEUP! Makeup is my love and this is why I'm able to do and share what I love in blogging & vlogging form.

3) Do you have a day job? If so, in what's your field of work?

Yes I do I actually am a marketer/promoter for a cosmetic collection called Makeover Essentials and will be a Sales Associate for Chanel also at the end of this month.

4) What is your favorite vacation destination?

Honestly I know this sounds crazy but I've never been on a vacation let alone outside of Texas. I guess I can say Dallas! LOL Fortunately with my new job I'll traveling a lot so maybe in the near future that will change?! *shrug shoulders* I don't know. lol

5) Do you have a phobia?

HECK YEAH I do!!! Who doesn't. I thought it was snakes but I think I kind of overcame my fear of that. But I'm HELLA scared of heights! OMG I feel like my knees buckle when I'm high up and I can't function at all.

6) Favorite movie?

Hmmmmm....that's a hard one. I can't really think of one...WAYMENT LIES it's TWILIGHT! YAAAAASSS

7) Favorite Quote?

My favorite quote is very biblical. I try to live by these sayings....

"I can do ALL THINGS through Christ which strengthens me"

"And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you."

These are my fave quotes from the bible!

8) How would you describe your personal style?
I'm pretty classic for the most part. I keep it simple and like to accessorize with makeup and jewelry but mainly makeup because I am a makeup artist.

9) Married, dating. or looking for love?

Yea I'm married to my job! HELLO

10) Do you think you'd ever stop blogging/vlogging?
NAW i think my passion has always been there and I will ALWAYS have something to share.


  • Nicole Kestenbaum: OMG I would totally be a fool for not nominating this wonderful talented woman! She is a major influence on my life and I will never forget what she has done for me in the past! Please check her out she is such an inspiration and you will love her blog +Nicole Kestenbaum 
  • Shalanda Turner: Founder of Live Life In Style & also the founder of Houston Fashion Bloggers which is a membership community for the Houston Beauty & Fashion Bloggers. This woman is a well respected business woman in the industry she has definitely won the respect of others and of course myself! I've learned so much from her and she's definitely an inspiration in my life. Be sure to check her out on
  • Mayra Vasquez: Mayra is so cool and so quiet. Quiet as a mouse but I see her! She is GREATLY talented and has an edgy style. She's known for black and red lipstick. She is a fashion blogger and I coined her as a beauty blogger because she does it so well. Check her out at
  • Karla Lizet: Karla is one of my newest buddies and so talented. She's a youtuber and beauty blogger. I'm excited for her future and looking forward to working and collaborating with her! Check her out on her blog which will lead you to her youtube page. MakeupForever25
  • Stella Marie: She is so beautiful with this hot red hair! No one an rock it like her! She has one of the most beautiful personalities and she's pretty AWESOME! Check her out!
  • Madeline J. Pena: OMG this lady right here is the life of EVERYBODY'S PARTY! She is the realist chic I know and everybody loves to be around her. She is so inspirational and so uplifting. PLEASE check her out you will not be disappointed
  • Melissa Gigante: Melissa has a GIGANTIC spirit. It's hard to tell but once you read her blogs and talk to her a bit you'll se! She is one of the first bloggers I connected with when I started to network a lot with the group. She is a fashion, lifestyle a beauty blogger. I love her girl next door vibe! She has one of the most adorable little boy and she shares a lot about her life with her family check her out on Missy G Blogs
  • Toya Smith: This woman is pretty much one of the queens of fashion! She wears her clothes so beautifully and a pretty dope collection of shoes which is why her website is +inherheels .comblog She is so kind hearted with a great deal of style when it even come to decorating and has awesome kids. Check her out she is definitely loved in the fashion industry.
  • Heather Petrey: Heather has the voice of a mouse but her style is mega loud and LIVE! She is so unique and talented in the way she style her fashion and she's definitely an artist she can create anything. She loves all things vintage and she loves to use recycled material a lot. She is also a well respected fashion blogger and photographer. Check her out you'll love her! She's pretty dope
  • Paola Rosales: Ummmm what can I say about this GORGEOUS lady????.... Besides being gorgeous she has mad style, she's so nice and friendly, she loves all things beauty and a beautiful model! She can make anything even dirt look good. Check her out on
  • Vernetta Freeney: I just can't end this without giving a shout out to this lady Vernetta! This is a woman about her business and a woman about sisterhood and growing the african american community of bloggers. She is the co-chair of +Houston AA Bloggers and founder of +W. A. G. C.  check her out at Women Are Game Changers

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