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Sep 28, 2015 | Static Nails Reusable Pop-On Manicures

I recently had the opportunity to finally try out these temporary Reusable Pop-On Manicure Nails called +Static Nails that I purchased from The Makeup Show Dallas 2015. I'm very familiar with this brand. They are seen often on NYFW and are the go-to manicurist for the models there. Static Nails are fashionable nails that you can pop on, shape, paint, and reuse at any time! And the best thing is they do not damage the nail bed!

It took me what seems like forever to try out these nails because I consistently go to the nail shop to get my nails done. But it was great to finally pull these out!

These are actually the first pop-on nails since grade school that I actually tried on and loved. My memories of pop-on nails have always been painful memories. Every time I think about these nails we use to buy from Walmart or Target, the standard french tips that left that horrific air bubble in the nail bed, I'm left scarred lol.

BAD Memories I tell ya! But we've come a long way from those days. Now we've evolved into the highly decorated fashion statement nails.

Static Nails gives you the opportunity of convenience.

Each set contains 24 reusable nails in 12 unique sizes for a true fit. For each 3D design we purposely selected 2 slightly larger sized nails to ensure you get to rock the best nails in each set.
In the Box you have...
  • 16 Matte Pink Nails
  • 4 Matte Black Nails with Crystal Bows
  • 4 Glitter Nails with SWAROVSKI® Elements
  • Nail File
  • 2g Glue
SIZE: Medium

You can transform the shape of your nails according to your style or mood whether it may be a stiletto, coffin shape, opal, square, or square round. You can also change the length if you like with the file. These are great for parties, fashion events, engagements, interviews, a night out, and wedding parties. It's very convenient and time forgiving!

Remember, this is only temporary it's not meant to last or stay on for over a week. It may possibly pop off because as I said it's only temporary. However, they are reusable and can be worn up to 2-5 times maybe more depending on how you care for the nails.  After the first application, it lasted maybe one day without it popping off on its own. Keep in mind I did not prep my nail bed correctly. You want to make sure your hands are thoroughly clean, you also want to remove the oil from the nail bed so the product will latch on and last longer. This will help with the longevity of the nails. A couple of my nails stayed on for 2-3 days so they can last longer but it's up to you and how you apply them.

For more information on these nails check out their website here.


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