| Clarins Joli Rouge LipstickReview & Swatches

Nov 10, 2015 | Clarins Joli Rouge LipstickReview & Swatches

Early last month I received three lipsticks from +Clarins  just in time for fall to test and review that I'm excited to share with you all. These are shades that I wouldn't typically wear which makes me even the more eager to try them out. The shades I received were  737 Spicy Cinnamon, 711 Papaya & 713 Hot Pink from the Joli Rouge Collection. Beautiful shades and they perfectly match the name! I'm not much of a luster fan let alone a hot pink fan when it comes to lip colors but it didn't hurt to try them out. Check out these beautiful lip swatches.

The first one is called Papaya and it looks exactly like what it's called. It's a beautiful peach tone orange. I didn't know exactly how I would feel about this shade before application but once applied I fell in love in fact this may be my favorite shade from this collection. This lipstick has a luster to it but it's bearable. I'm more of a matte girl but I can matte this shade out if I really wanted to. This is definitely a great shade for the fall season. 

Hot Pink what can I say....I was so scared of this shade because I honestly despise pink on myself but this is more like a raspberry tone and honestly next to Papaya this was my next favorite. It looks beautiful against my skin complexion which was shocking to me.

Spicy Cinnamon before I knew the name of this shade I looked at it and said it look like a cinnamon shade and guess what??? That's what they named it. Spicy Cinnamon! Spicy Cinnamon is a warm spicy shade.  Beautiful shade of brown. Like the rest of the lipsticks it has a luster finish. This is not exactly my favorite shade and I think it's because of the finish. If it was a matte finish I would feel differently about it on myself.  But it's still beautiful I can alter the finish anytime so the finish is very minor

These lipsticks I notice are buildable in coverage. If you looking more for a tinted sheer cover with one swipe you can get that because you won't get that immediate impact from the first swipe you have to build on the color which is great for someone that's looking for more of a tint. It's a lot more controllable. These lipsticks are definitely suitable for the fall winter because as we know our lips can get very dry in this season so sometimes we need a pick me up. This lipstick is extremely moisturizing and it last. Once it wears off you are still left with nice supple & hydrated lips. 

So tell me which one was your favorite shade???


Not much of a fan of the luster finish. NO PROBLEM! Just add some translucent powder on top of your favorite lip color and blot it on and BOOM there you go you have your matte lipstick!

Here is an example of my matte finish Spicy Cinnamon Lipstick! What do you think?

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