I recently shared a question on my blog page on facebook to my supporters asking...

"What are some things that you struggle with pertaining to beauty that you may need help with?"

I got a response from Norma who asked a two part question but today I'm going to focus on the foundations. Her question was...

"What top 3 foundations do you recommend that gives great payoff as far as coverage, long wear and expense? "

Her budget was $40 and she wanted recommendation for her and her clients because she is a makeup artist so it would need to be affordable of course!

So based off what she gave me I decided to do 5 of my top full coverage foundations just to give Norma some more options. 

    1. Loreal True Match Foundation is a drugstore foundation however it is one of the highly recommended drugstore foundation for a couple of reasons. It's affordable price, It's wide range of shades, the quality of the foundation and coverage. I love the texture and finish it leaves to the skin because it is oil free and it mimic the texture of the skin. Because it is liquid you can manipulate it. This foundation retails at $10.99 
      2. DERMABLEND Cover Creme Broad Spectrum SPF Dermablend is one of the top foundations that I know of in the industry that is known for its color payoff. Many artist use it for tattoo coverings, hyper pigmentation and all forms of discoloration. It provides a flawless canvas with a velvety smooth finish. This foundation can be found in sephora, ulta, and online. This foundation retails for $38.00 
        3. SEPHORA 10HR Wear Perfection Foundation what I love about this foundation is you can control the coverage. It instantly conceals blemishes and has a wonderful finish. This foundation blends with the complexion seamlessly. It contains hyaluronic acid that gives the skin the smooth texture, and it also has antioxidant vitamin E that protects the skin against external aggressors. This foundation retails for $20

        4. AJ Crimson Dual Skin Cream Foundation is actually my TOP fav! I use it on myself and my clients. He has from the lightest to the deepest shades I've ever seen which I think is important to have! Cream foundation are my absolute fav especially for maturer skin. You can manipulate far better. His foundations are very creamy in texture and I love that also. These foundation each retails for $35 But I have a curve... He just came out with a PRO Artist Kit which I highly recommend for makeup artists because it's user friendly and it's a palette! I always suggest palettes for makeup artists because we move around so much and it's easy to bring too much with you. Minimizing your kit is extremely important and presentation is important also.

          There are two options...You can get
          • All 3 Book series for only $450 (Remember each pan retails for $35 which averages out to $650 so +Aj Crimson is giving you a great deal)
          • Or you can get 1 single book which is $150! WHAT A DEAL! (You do the math)
          5. Black Opal True Color Stick Foundation is one of the best foundation sticks for WOC that is cost efficient. Also is was formulated by Sam Fine. It's great for the everyday woman and your client. What makes it great is it's easy to work with and a lot more user friendly. It's a full coverage foundation with one swipe you are getting that color payoff. It's great for all skin types and is long-wear. This foundation retails for $9.45 - 10.99 depending on where you're getting it from.

          I hope this was helpful to anyone that's looking to build their makeup artist kit or just looking for a great foundation for yourself! Have any struggles and need suggestions??? Email me at Here

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