| Top 5 Eyeliners to Achieve a Great Winged Eye

Nov 17, 2015 | Top 5 Eyeliners to Achieve a Great Winged Eye

Remember I was telling you all about the two part question from one of the beauties on the page??? Well she wanted to know some great eyeliner products to achieve a great winged eye look. Now I don't have too many recommendations...Well I just lied I have TONS of recommendation but I'm going to only narrow it down to 5 because I'll be all day with these recommendations.In my experience in the industry as a makeup artist the only thing I have used to create wonderful clean and crisp wing eyes were either a liquid liner or cream/gel liners. Other then that when it comes to liners, pencils are not something I gravitate to because I feel it tugs on the eye and doesn't create a smooth transition. So here are my top 5 picks that you would either see me use personally or in my makeup kit and I have a bonus for y'all so I guess I lied again because I will be giving you my 6th fav eyeliner. 


1. It's one of my top favs if not my fav among all eyeliners. This is INGLOT AMC Eyeliner Gel in #77. This eyeliner is a matte black eyeliner with an intense pigmentation which inglot is known for. I love the textures and this is one of the most blackest of the blacks that I've dealt with. It's very creamy and locks into the skin. It's also waterproof and long wearing. Retails $14.99 

2. +MAC Cosmetics is not my ultimate fave when it comes to myself or my kit but there are a few items that I love and MACS Fluidline in "blacktrack" is one of my favs from the mac collection. It is long-wearing and gives a full proof application, it's highly pigmented and it has an ultra smooth texture which makes the application of liner a breeze. Retails $16.99

3. NYX The Curve is an ergonomically shaped eyeliner and is great for the beginner. With this liner it trains and positions the hand and makes it comfortable and easy to apply and adds security with it's grippers. Which will give you the effortless precision that you need. Retails for $14.99 

4. Tarteist Clay Paint Liner is a dream come true for a working artist. A liner in a squeezable tube is GENIUS! Whoever came up with this CLEVER idea (because it is clever) HIGH FIVE TO YOU! This liner allows you to REALLY get in there and be as creative as you can. This liner is exactly what it describes it's a creamy paint texture that is crazy pigmented. It drys out matte but glides on beautifully like butter. You are given a little ergonomic corrective brush that is suppose to allow you just like the concept of the curve apply your wings with more confidence and better form. Which is why this liner made my top list. Thanks to a photographer friend +Robert Tremaine! This eyeliner retails for $24.00

5. Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner Pen
Let me tell you...I'm a huge fan of many of @Maybe eyeliners. I chose this one to share because you can achieve the most defined & precise line with this liquid eyeliner. It applies very smoothly and gives you that comfort because you feel like you're writing and you have that control with it's felt tip. Precision is key with cat eyes this will give you a mean cat eye. Retails $5.79 - $7.99


There is no way I can avoid sharing this with you. This is my first love. The liquid liner of liquid liners! This is +Eve Pearl Smudgeproof Liquid Liner. This liner gives you great precision, it's long-lasting, and is very intense in pigmentation. Also what I remember about this product is it's top. The top was engineered to ensure that the product doesn't dry out. Which is pretty awesome! This eyeliner retails online for $29.00.

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