Dec 3, 2015 | SKIN ON ICE

Skin Icing has become a popular trend in the morning and night to achieving healthy more nourished looking skin. If you ever heard of the term "COLD THERAPY" this term is mainly used in spas and skincare treatments it's also a secret to losing weight which many call it fat freezing. This skincare ritual was originated in Korea the place where we get most of our inspiration from.  

There are so many benefits to Skin Icing that is beneficial and  to the health of the skin:

1. Skin Icing is a great refresher - I like to wake up in the morning  throw warm water on my skin to open my pours then follow behind with ice to shock my skin. It's stimulating and wakes the skin up. Especially because of the hot & cold effect you're using. This results in the glow. Everyone desires glow to the skin.
2. Skin Icing fights fine lines & wrinkles -  The best way to hydrate the skin is with ice. And it's a great formula for wrinkles and fine lines because many times they are formed by lack of moisture and tugging of skin. It hydrates, smooths, & tightens the skin.
3.  Heals acne & blemishes -  The best way to heal acne is to freeze it. Freezing acne zaps away the impurities that causes acne and eventually the acne will heal. Also many times blemishes are formed from the inflammation of the skin. So we're wanting to prevent this from happening. ICE is the cure. Also under no circumstance should you pick with your acne or bust them yourself. It causes infections and blemishes. Another thing you must be mindful of is that when acne occurs it's because it's lacking collagen which is the protein fiber in the skin that gives elasticity.  So the cure to this is hydration. Also exposure to the sun will make blemishes more pronounced. So always wear sunscreen
4. HAVE LARGE PORES - Shrink them with ice! I get tons of questions about ways to minimize the pores. Well yes there are primers, moisturizers and base out there that minimize the appearance of pores. But I will say it's all in how you prep the skin. When you cleanse the skin there is this method where you use hot water to open the pores and cold water to close it. With ice not only are you closing the pores but you are shrinking them. Making them look a bit smaller. Which will give more of a smoother canvas to work on and a more natural and fresher appearance.
5. Improves circulation - Let's face it many reasons we have acne, fine lines, wrinkles, & oversized pores and more is because lack of  circulation . Circulation helps to improve elasticity, it refreshens the skin  giving you THAT GLOW FACTOR and minimizes wrinkles and fine lines when combined with the right products. With circulation it allows the product you add to the skin to work better. So what ice does is it improves the circulation of the skin. Ice can also reduce inflammation and swelling by slowing down the blood flow that rises to the surface. I know this sounds confusing.  Basically with cold therapy cold slows down the blood flow from rising to the surface which can normally causes acne, inflammation, swelling and many other things. It basically regulates the circulation. So it's important to know when to use cold therapy.

Ice is a great remedy and if used right you will see some AWESOME results! Have you tried this technique??? Let me know your thoughts.

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