OMG!!! You've Been Applying Your Skin Care in the Wrong Order

Apr 6, 2016

OMG!!! You've Been Applying Your Skin Care in the Wrong Order

If you're anything like me, you probably have every innovation of skincare products that exist today. I'm also sure that, like me, you've struggled with the problem of knowing in which order to apply your skincare. It's like there is a new innovation coming out DAILY, and if our routine wasn't already complicated enough...NOW they want us to add something new to our routine, that has become a ritual for us. Now you're disturbing my ritual and making me spend more money! (I know they're not making me do anything. But you get my point)

So yes ladies I know the struggle!!! AND IT IS REAL!

As a Beauty Blogger/Makeup Artist, I probably have more than the average person would have, because this is what I do. Between me buying the products and being sent products, my collection is diverse and endless. But your routine may be as simple as a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer - that's a basic routine that can definitely maintain your skin. So you may not need this post, but let's just say, perhaps you want to try more skincare products, but don't know how and when to apply it. Or you already have the products, but you're overwhelmed by the amount of products... Then this post is definitely for you.


Does it really matter in which order you apply your skincare products???

Applying your skin care products in the proper order is crucial! Why? Because it ensures that your skin is receiving the full benefits of each product. Good example: If I applied a cream based moisturizer (which is thick) then applied my serum, it would prevent the serum from penetrating into the skin. Moisturizers are more of an emollient, so order is extremely important. 

Let me tell you, I've had my shares of mistakes when it came to application and order. For example,  I have applied products in the wrong order and they ended up peeling off of my face; or I ended up diluting the product. It’s frustrating when you have a bunch of products and don't know in what order to apply them in. So I'm here to save you from the same mistakes I've made.

So you may want to know my routine right?  Well, it varies day to day, based on the needs of my skin and what I may want to focus on. When I started to add to my skincare collection, I had to first understand the purpose of the product then I had to understand the process of my skincare routine.

   Once you understand the routine, it will become easier for you, no matter what new innovation comes out. You will fully understand the process and how the skin works.

**TIP: To see results you must start off with a clean slate. Make sure your skin is fully cleansed so the product (serum, eye cream, moisturizer, facial oil) can penetrate into the skin. Allow the product time to penetrate and do its job before moving on to the next product. By following this tip I guarantee you will see results!

The important thing to remember that helped me is applying the product lightest to heaviest. Serums are lighter than moisturizers. Which is why you apply the serums before the moisturizer. But I'm sure you're asking "Well oils are lighter then moisturizers also. So why you apply that after the moisturizer?" Good question, oils locks in the moisture that you put on the skin. So if you put the oil before the moisturizer. How can the moisturizer moisturize the skin if you already locked it in?  I think of it in a way of what needs to be treated first. That allows everything  to penetrate the skin the way it needs to. So penetration is important with skincare. You save the best for last which are the Serums, Moisturizers, & Facial Oils because that's where you see the greatest results in.

OH AND THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW...SPF only has to be used if you're going out. You don't need to apply sunscreen before you "HIT THE SACKS" (bed) unless you just have to do it. I hope you found this post to be helpful and it makes it easier for you.


  1. YAY! I'm doing my routine right haha. One question, what do you use as an Astringent vs a Toner? I only use a toner. When I think of Astringent, I think of alcohol-filled teen products like Sea Breeze... which, even though I have oilier skin, was just tooo strong for my face. Now I use the Obaji toner after cleansing AM and PM.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Yes that's what astringents are. I actually use Sea Breeze and I only use it to treat small acne or to remove residue on my skin after the cleanser but I still follow behind with a toner. Astringents are never a replacement for a toner.

  2. I've tried everything. I've tried Rodin and Fields, I've tried very expensive chemical peels, I've tried regular hydroquinone. This is the only thing that has given me any results.
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