Sep 6, 2016


If you are a lipstick junkie then this is something you may want to check out! I am a huge supporter of small businesses especially when they are owned by women. Not just any woman but a VIRTUOUS WOMAN!

Being a virtuous woman is not something to take lightly. A Virtuous woman is someone with morals, values, strength, beauty, and wisdom!
Virtuous Cosmetics was established by God through La'Tonia Nichols. She is a Virtuous Woman because she put God first above all things. And that right there is wisdom!

Virtuous Cosmetics founded by La'Tonia Nichols who is also a makeup artist and founder of L.E.O Beauty created this brand because she believes every woman should be virtuous. La'Tonia doesn't know I'm doing this but she will know now after she reads it. I asked her a series of questions and she went in. LOL, I didn't tell her I was interviewing her for my blog on the spot.


Tell Us A Little About Yourself.
I am first a Christian, a wife of 16 blessed years to Rev. Corey Nichols, I am a mother to two beautiful daughters and as a mother, I teach them the importance of putting christ first but not just that but accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior and to live for him and to know him. 

"YES!!!! I am an MUA. And to some, that means Make-Up Artist. But to me, I am a Mother Understanding her Assignment. "

Did you always want to be a makeup artist or is it something you fell into?
I didn't choose to be an MUA, it chose me. I don't call this my job or career, it's my passion and my ministry. Because I believe in empowering women and letting them know that they are beautiful with or without makeup.
I am motivated and determined to take my business to the top by having God as GPS. My passion is to help others know that you can Look a Feel Beautiful inside and out. Also to show that BEAUTY does not take long to apply when you already have the tools to enhance what God has blessed you with. I am a compassionate individual that takes the time to give back with my talents when they opportunity presents itself.

What Inspired You To Start Virtuous Cosmetics?
All of the questions you asked I do not have to think about what to say because just like LEO Beauty is my baby...Virtuous Cosmetics too is my baby!!! WOW... when I say God has given me the best gift anyone could ask for...TWINS! Because they work so well together. I didn't think I could do this but God said, "YES YOU WILL!" He gave me the name at 2:45am on Tuesday morning. While I was sleep He showed me how I felt while applying makeup on others and how great it makes me feel because they feel great. I am a true Christian and a believer and follower in and of Christ. I do not do anything without putting Him first. Why? Because I have found out the hard way...LOL.

Why did you come up with the name Virtuous Cosmetics?

When you say and think of the word "Virtuous" it just make you feel some type of way...(wonderful, cheerful, sexy, powerful, that you are important, that you can do anything, that you are everything, that you are virtuous!!!) Let no unclean thing touch your virtuous Lips or come from your virtuous lips because you are like no other. You have been chosen!

What do you want every woman to experience and take away from your brand and how do you want them to feel when wearing your lipsticks?
I want every woman to know and feel chosen! Knowing that you have been called to walk your walk and to strive for success in your path because you are that God-Fearing woman that God has chosen and that you are worth it. You deserve the best! And that is Virtuous Cosmetics. Virtuous Cosmetics has a long lasting formula fit to fulfill your needs. It gives you that pigment, protection,and the moisture you need. SPF is part of 

Do you plan on expanding Virtuous Cosmetics full-service salon?
I plan on putting into works as we speak. The path that God has shown me for Virtuous Cosmetics and that is bigger and better! So watch out ladies Because the lipstick you have been waiting on is FINALLY HERE!

Well fam, EXPANSION IS ON THE WAY for Virtuous Cosmetics! So as she said, "Be on the look out!" La'Tonia is relaunching her lipstick brand and you don't want to miss out on this free event to check out her collection and some of her newest shades! It's coming up this month. Mark your calendars, get dolled up and come out and support this woman!

RSVP Here >>> Virtuous Cosmetics Relaunch (RSVP so she can get a head count ahead of time so she'll know how much food to order. This is very important!)

Here are some of the shades I'm looking forwards to for FALL!

(Photos provided by Virtuous Cosmetics)

She has a lot more shades that you definitely don't want to miss out on. Come test these shades out at her relaunch!



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