Jul 22, 2017


Happy Saturday Fam! 
Decided to bring something a bit different to my blog this Monday Morning. If you been following my blog for a while then you may know that I graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts in Interior Design and every now and then I share some of my DIYs on Facebook or Instagram but I've never got around to it on my blog. But that's about to change because I have some upcoming posts coming that I think you will love. Also I'm in the middle of renovating my sister & bro-in-laws new home which is going great! They are new home owners andI'll be sharing that with you all. But I want to bring you all a transformation collaboration I did with a client who is actually on the same street as my sister! 

I was reached out to by the founder of Grow My BrandsAngel Santos who is a Brand Strategist & Productivity Coach. 

She expressed her desire to have a space where she could be inspired to work, do live videos and be productive in to produce results.  Also this space was a shared space for her and her husband but this transformation was mainly for her because of the type of business she does that requires a space to reflect your personality and because she mostly work from home she wanted to be able to do a bulk of her work from there. 

Because Angel & I grew up together who would know her style better than I would? I didn't have to do much of a consultation with her because as I said I knew her personality and style. Angel is really one that don't require a lot of meetings. You are the expert. She give you a few things here and there but you must be able to run with the little things she gives you. 

I had an amazing time working with Angel Santos

Some inspirations I put together inside Ross Stores. Gold adds a sense of sophistication. And she love golds!

A boring  space with no personality

turned into a space that she could be inspired to work out of.

The original desk I kept and placed it in the corner for storage purposed and to elevate the white shelf that was taken from another room. The plant was also taken from another space to add a bit of life to the space. 

The Desk was from IKEA and it's the Micke Style Desk 

They currently have an UNBELIEVABLE PRICE!!!!


I got a lot of the accessories from Ross Stores & Home Goods & Target! We didn't have to go all over the place because Angel is all about maximizing time and buying the things you want. She's not much of a DIYer like I am. She prefers just buying the items and being done with it. And that's exactly what we did. 

Overall this was a 1-Day project that I did by myself. The good thing is I didn't have to paint. Most of my time went into putting the desk together and hanging the Window panels. Everything else was a breeze. We'll make future updates to her space. But what you think???? Would you like to see more of these??? Let me know in the comments!

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